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Modern Rocking Chairs, In Context Of A Practical Prefab Home

Photo of mah $5 mod chair by Big Ugly.

You know, when my 6 year old and her friend found that bright yellow rocker in a Deltaville thrift store and looked SO CUTE as they snuggled into it, grins on their faces, rocking, rocking, rocking....


I love how it adds a bright splash of color in our modern prefab home, still under construction...
I love that it is reused.
I love that it cost me.... FIVE BUCKS!

But the reality is that it is slowly falling apart, and while I'll keep my eye out for another thrifty reused replacement, it also allows me to consider more modern alternatives... like this lobster chair from our good friends and local modern furniture retailers, La Diff.

Modern chair from La Difference

What we like about our reused $5 chair is that it easily is cleaned, being wood (helloooooooo construction dust), rocks gently, and people can collapse heavily into it without being concerned about its delicacy.

I have NEVER been fond of those modern rocking chairs you see in every Dwell layout - you know the ones, where it's always some variation of an uncomfortable seat on metal skis...

So I'm starting to look around for a durable replacement for when the time sadly comes where that bright, durable, beloved chair finally goes kaput... and appreciate this one while it lasts!




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