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Vintage Tie Friiiiiday!!!!!

Once Amy's Dad beat us in last season's finale, we decided to allow Vintage Hat Friday to end gracefully, embracing a legend at its best before enthusiasm slowly ebbed. Architects and serious-minded green builders everywhere rejoiced at its demise. *Scoffs* : 'Sides, we wear reused vintage pretty much EVERY day! 

But when Amy sauntered in this winter Friday in reused vintage with a sharp tie, I couldn't help but snap photos:

I should have taken a close up of her vest- it was a bronze metallic knit, quite fancy, that perfectly matched her shoes.

Enjoy! And send us your pics! We love it when other companies celebrate recycled thrift fashion in the workplace!

On my end, plumbing continues in the zero energy prefab house kit... stay tuned to the off grid prefab home construction blog- HRV and solar hot water installation is next in the Virginia casa ti!



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