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Prefab Home's Plumbing Begins! And... Noodles. Everywhere.

With Max The Plumber at work in the zero energy prefab house kit, we got busy ordering the next parts and pieces and planning further for our next steps through spring.

Handsome Husband and I are still in disagreement on the Rainwater Cistern and System, and even the vendor. It will be frustrating to have this plumbing completed AND NO WATER SYSTEM IN PLACE... but that's what I expect... we shall see!

Picture it: I will enter my beloved solar powered passive solar prefab home, happily exhausted on arrival, drop my things, glide into the bathroom where I will spy the relaxing, welcoming claw foot tub and... No water. Still. Dag. #Drat

BUT: Once the plumbing is completed, we will get to close up the walls, and that means INTERIOR DESIGN!!!! PAINT!!!! VINTAGE WALL PAPER IN PLACES!!!!! Picture all the green of the SIP (structural insulated panels) covered in these pictures, below!

We ordered the freezer-to-turn-into-a-low-energy-fridge, we got the claw foot tub, now let's FINISH THE WATER SYSTEMS PIECE so we can frickin' CLOSE THE WALLS, turn on the faucets, and move on to... PAINT CHIPS! 

Any-hoo...let's talk about preservation. 
As in, food. Yes, sorry green building folks, but I'm posting more recipes. Last year we amused ourselves with Vintage Hat Friday; this year, I guess I've got recipes to get me through the dark winter days.

Our great friends and neighbors Chris and Steve Ault of Aults Family Farm brought a carton of eggs to the soup party in the zero passive solar prefab house last week. "I didn't know if your hens were still laying..." she said... Heck ya I'll take your winter eggs; I'm still getting a few eggs a day (thank you Rhode Island Reds) during these dark months, but this was the prime opportunity to test out a great way to preserve extra eggs, especially in spring: EGG NOODLES.

Thank you Granny Miller for detailing the instructions, so I could then ignore her sage advice and measurements and instead decide to start my FIRST NOODLE MAKING PROJECT with... twenty-two eggs and a boatload o' flour.
(Actually, I just used one of those flour packages + handfuls of whole wheat. I think.)

Of *course*, to mix it up a bit (read: to not follow directions, again), I added some whole wheat... um, what else... Aw, heck, I forget but here, below, is what I have to add to Granny Miller's great egg noodle post:

1. When making noodles with a six year old, expect the result will be bricks. Thin, even noodles *matter* - thick noodles turn into... well, let's just say one HOUR after boiling those logs I've got legs up on straw bale and cobb, Dwell: are you listening?!? #Bricks  #PastaFramedHouse (Hmmmm. Wonder what the R value is on that...)

2. Rulers rule.
As in, that ruler I was bequeathed when I became a Paul Harris Fellow? Now I can live Rotary in more ways they ever expected as I evenly and accurately slice through dough thanks to that ruler. #ThankYouRotaryILoveYou

3. Always mop the floor before you harvest the noodles. Um, no reason... Not that my floor would not be IMMACULATE and IMPECCABLE with all these chillunz and dawgs. And: Get a large container you can hold in one hand, while turning the noodles upside down with the other - let them drop into the container (note to self- drape noodles loosely when hanging), i.e. upside down chopstick shaped noodles. It's kinda like apple picking a bit, and you don't think of that when you're MAKING the noodles, now, do ya?!?

4. This is a great, practical, fun family activity.
I have always grown food my entire life... But never cared to make pasta. Having the extra eggs finally motivated me to preserve our eggs further just as I do vegetables - and Handsome Husband and I chatted and laughed and rolled and sliced while the two children delighted in being Noodle Runners - we had strings ALL OVER the kitchen... and I sent the 6 year old to school with a scalp full of flour the next day (she can thank her brother for that) when Noodle Making extended into the evening later than anticipated, hence no bath.

It was fun. Try it!




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