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The Real Farmville : Civil Rights In Virginia Bit O' History

I love @Google's illustration today in recognition of the 55th anniversary of the moment Rosa Parks refused to budge... 

Facebook Fans : I might have mentioned previously that Virginia has A Real Farmville...

Did you know that Farmville, and Prince Edward County, played a major role in our nation's groundbreaking legal case, Brown vs. Board of Education?

Seriously, if you did not click on that link then please do click now. Explore the entire site. Great pictures, and history on how this rural area played a big role in our nation's civil rights:

Both Farmville and Appomattox are within twenty minutes from our land.
These historic towns have changed greatly, yet not much. They are the perfect balance of intellectual and local business growth, while most still value maintaining and preserving their rural culture and lifestyle.

Looking to explore Civil Rights and Civil War History?
Just one and a half hours from Richmond, stop in Farmville and start your tour of the Civil Rights In Education Heritage Trail.

Take Cartersville Road from Richmond to catch one of the civil rights map points, and add Founding Father history to your experience!  Cartersville Road is a gorgeous drive past 1700s and 1800s farms and history not (yet) shattered by development... Click on these map markers for more information.

After meandering to Appomattox, make sure you visit The Carver-Price Legacy Museum, and reflect again on how times have changed.

It is vital to preserve and protect this landscape. History resonates more effectively when you can read a historic marker while pondering the little-changed view...

It's a quite different experience to glance at a bit of text overlooking a parking lot...




At 12/1/10, 10:10 AM , Anonymous Edward Lazaron, AIA said...

It is indeed a wonderful area, and full of history. As the architect for the Farmville Prince Edward Community Library, I had the opportunity to learn lots of local history while working with the wonderful staff and citizens for several years.

If you are in the area, stop by the new energy efficient, daylighted library and enjoy the view of Wilcks Lake. You can soak up some history there as well.

At 12/1/10, 1:02 PM , Blogger Passive Solar Prefab Homes said...

Mr. Lazaron, thank you for your comment, we will *definitely* stop and visit the library!!!

We are just getting to know Farmville, I've done tons of research on it but am finally actually getting to explore it in person.
: )


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