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Prefab Home Gets Solar Power!!! Still Zero Energy, Off Grid Is Now Easier For Us!

[Our prefab home is about to get solar power! No more candles!
No more telecommuting off the tractor battery!]

Who Wants To Flip The Switch, Adding Electricity To The Energy Efficient Arsenal Of The Zero Energy, Passive Solar, Off Grid Prefab House Kit?

I'm kinda feeling that way... It *will* change everything, you know... are you feeling that way too?

Flip the switch, and... things are easier.
Although there's still plenty to do...
Old ways, I cherish and respect you. I love that we could get through frigid temperatures with just the passive solar design of the passive solar SIP house and spent our evenings in candlelight... but...
Prefab home - off grid, zero energy, now with solar!

We flipped the switch.
Making some final adjustments...
Huge *thanks* to Pat Root Electric and our contractor Jason Dorris, who made it happen. Also a big thanks to Ron Bernaldo, who put the fantastic team together before he retired. Ron, we were thinking of you! Hug those grandbabies!

Pat and Jason said the solar installation was a breeze. Pat Root came up with a good (temporary) idea for the batteries- to place the solar batteries in a rubber container (which we can reuse for storage in the shed) until the permanent structure is built this spring.

Yes, it IS bizarre to have night fall and then... turn on a light. To plug in the computer.
That one LED light above the dining table was enough to light up a whole group of relaxing, late night readers.

With all the natural daylighting in the prefab home, and the cozy heat from the wood cook stove even in frigid winter, we are comfortable and the prefab house kit is consuming just about .04kw while recharging faster than that on this sunny day! Imagine what it will be like once we get the solar heat tubes on the roof and the radiant heat installed!

Natural daylighting, passive solar design, means you
need less power to be comfortable in the prefab house!

We also have re-insulated around the chimney, inverter, etc. new penetrations in the prefab house's envelope, and confirmed this morning that we are back to our prefab home's prior energy efficiency, WHAT A RELIEF!  We hold heat!!!!

Also, the crude method we have regarding the wood cook stove piping air in via the gas line (which we never planned to use, just plumbed for investment purposes) seems to be working well! Another relief.

Next Up? Plumbing. Then we close up the walls and turn to interior design.
(Note for those getting concerned: Power is only on in outlets / walls that are closed up.)

P.s. Our fashion theme today is BLAZE ORANGE.
It is the last day o' deer season. One season a year, we have a matchy-matchy family.
Even Mister Snow Man is sportin' it.

Or until the dog runs off with not just his arms, but his hat...
Dog: "Grrrrrrr!" Mister Snow Man: "Ahhhhh! My arm! MY ARM!!!!!"

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At 1/25/11, 1:35 AM , Anonymous Philippine properties said...

I didn't see property like this in out country. Great blog in here.

Angelo H

At 1/25/11, 8:10 AM , Blogger Passive Solar Prefab Homes said...

Thanks Angelo,
We are now working on the kitchen / plumbing and then finish with the rainwater collection & filtration.

I just can't wait to do the finishing stuff like paint the walls! : )


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