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Little Bit O' Summer On A Night That Smells Of Snow

We make soup All. Winter. Long.
Collards, kale, lentils, turnips, parsnips... we embrace 'em!
But there's nothing like snow in the air, where you retreat deepest into your down coat, to then come inside and open the first canned soup from summer's garden.

Tonight we broke open tomato soup, and it was so pleasing to see the tomato and bits of lavender so fresh and brightly colored, as if you made it moments ago, instead of in the heat of another season.

I served that Fresh Tomato Soup on vintage dishes I picked up in a thrift store, as usual, ages ago, which I had saved and had never used until now, because They Had Their Purpose:
Soup And Grilled Cheese Sandwich. For Two. 

Turning over a plate, I found, "From the kiln of Pat McCarthy".
Copeland's Fresh Tomato Soup
Dice tomatoes
Mince garlic, fresh lavender
Chop onions

Sautee garlic and onions.
Add tomatoes, and later, lavender.
Once soft, add dashes of lemon.
Hardy Boys + Vintage Dishes + Fresh Food =
Great Friday Night
When you open the can, it should seem fresh and not overcooked. Heat gently. Serve with a  toasty grilled cheese sandwich.
Enjoy a bit of summer with yer snow.
I also found some gorgeous etched glasses with wheat one day in Goodwill.
It's amazing the things you can find if you look, consistently. Even better, have them passed down, across generations, as we are so fond of doing in Virginia.
[What made it okay for some nephew or grand daughter to toss these perfect, gorgeous, beautifully etched glasses into a box, undesired, discarded to the thrift store? As much as I love them, I would not be able to find similar glassware in The Hampton House... I can not even think of where I'd find them. This picture does not do them justice, the children had manhandled and crumbed them as usual in this picture.
I love them.
Even better with a cocktail.; )]

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At 7/26/11, 9:48 AM , Blogger Lillian D said...

What are the plans for landscaping?

At 7/26/11, 10:52 AM , Blogger Passive Solar Prefab Homes said...

Landscaping posts here, honeychile!


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