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A Rushed But Rewarding Weekend

Where to start... I'm exhausted! But good work was done.
Saturday we volunteered for the annual Raise The Roof! party to benefit Children's Home Society.
Every child deserves a home.
And darned if I'm not going to help throw a fabulous party to get that message, and fundraising, achieved.

The event was held at beautiful Rolling Run Farm, with the fantastic bluegrass band Jackass Flats playing.
Here's some pics I took while we were setting up and getting ready for the party:

Sure, the video might be dark, but if you click you can hear some great music, try it!

Jackass Flats!

Here Jackass Flats is warming up, while we were just finished settin' up!

Raise The Roof! with Jackass Flats!

And then the party began.

We awoke the next day and hurried out to the land to meet with Jason Dorris.
Welllllllllll we might have stopped a bit on the way for hot boiled peanuts and a flea market...

Where, upon spying this wash basin, below, I immediately thought of Lloyd Alter's post on "Re-Thinking The Bathroom"...

Whaddya think? Does it not scream Lloyd Alter to you?
I mean, check it out: the wash pitcher, adorned with violets, with even a matching lavender doll?
He could move it in the hallway to wash up from a bike ride, move it to the bedroom at night, get on the bus with it and move it over to his office at Tree Hugger or whatever... a non-electric, off grid, MOBILE WASH STATION!!!!

"I agree with Copeland! Rock on!"
And then we were on the land.

The chimney on the cook stove looks good - in the pictures you see, it seems to jump out as being much more prominent a feature than when you're actually there, in the space. So I took a video:

The Pipe

[Please excuse the messiness, you do realize we're under construction!]

Note: the cook stove is still a bit undone on the exterior, that will soon be buttoned up sleekly.

Now, we are returned, and our children are returned to us from the Grandparents.
I am thinking calming thoughts within the chaos of being back home with children and chickens and dogs flying about everywhere as I type, inspired by this "painting" from the flea market today:


[Note to contractors: Never consider a wood stove for a SIP house or any energy efficient house without doing all your research on air exchange, sealing the fire box, and more. To start, read:]

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