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I'll Take Yer Fast Food Advertising And Raise You Not One But THREE Mom-Made, Home Cooked Meals.

As we navigated Broad Street on the drive home from school, my eight year old remarked, "I would like to eat at Taco Bell."

"Taco Bell? Really? Why?!?"
"Because it has bright colors... It looks like a good place to eat."
I thought about the 4.2 BILLION dollars the fast food industry spends annually on advertising, just to sway young children into thinking "It looks like a good place to eat."

When we got home, I thought maybe I'd better make tacos.

Copeland's "Damned If I'll Ever Feed Ya Taco Bell" Tacos
2 packages of ground beef (We buy a 1/4 cow from Boxwood Farms so natural, humanely raised and pastured beef is always at the ready)
minced onions (I used 1/2 of a Very Large onion)
28 oz whole tomatoes (hand crushed into small bits w/juice saved)
salt to taste (I always use kosher, I like the larger grains)
vegetable oil
fresh lettuce, shredded (romaine works great)
shredded cheese (we used Monterey Jack)
organic salsa
tacos, soft tortillas, whatever

Sautee minced onions until soft. Add the meat, then slowly as needed the juice, then tomatoes, simmer until cooked.
Add dashes and dashes of cinnamon. I was out of chili powder. Do not use chili powder, use cinnamon, I promise you will thank me, it's delicious, so be grateful for improvised cooking because otherwise you'd probably never do this unless making middle eastern food. You can thank me, now, thank yew. If you're still on the fence consider: Mexicans use cinnamon often in cooking, and yer makin' freakin' tacos!

On the dining table, lay out bowls of shredded lettuce, cheese, salsa, meat sauce, and tacos.  Build each one asking each child for advice and preferences. They will *love* helping you cook, and make, their very own Non Fast Food Healthy Delicious And You'd Never Get Something This Good From Taco Bell dinner!

My mom told me yesterday that she and her bridge club were lamenting "the next generation's" food waste.
They paused: "Wellllll, except for Copeland. She can pick a chicken four ways!"
That's right, and I do the same with tacos:

The next day, make pasta, add meat sauce, sprinkle with Parmesan, and you've got a great lunch.
The following morning? Whisk in a little flour and pepper to the remaining meat juice, toss in some sour cream biscuits into the oven, and you've got yourselves biscuits and gravy, honeys.

For the price of one forgettable, preservative and chemical laden, factory farmed Taco Bell meal, you just made yourself three home cooked, fresh meals, and imprinted your children's taste buds and memory of what good food can be.
Take that, fast food industry.




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