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Give A Gal A Cook Stove...

Give a gal a cook stove, then she covets a solar fridge. And freezer. And built in cabinets.
I have *dreams,* y'know...

For weeks now, I have been making and freezing soups, casseroles, stews... in anticipation of *finally* having heat in the still under construction SIP prefab house kit thanks to my darling, beloved cook stove.

We fired it up for the first time Saturday morning, and christened the day with pancakes, percolated coffee, moments of awe as we watched the wood cook stove actually, after all this time and saga, work, which, after our trepidation passed, turned into confident joy.

Cook Stove Is Working!

I *love* my cook stove.

Cook Stove Christening!

Later, after enjoying our first hot breakfast EVER on the land, we headed into Appomattox, where we hit the reclaimed, reused jackpot:
  • We found simple, sleek copper cannisters to safely store our flour, sugar, and more
  • We found a neat, modern platter to use for fruit and snack items attractively on the table *or* to serve a beautiful dinner feast on
  • We found a *bunch* of Blue Heaven China, which is my summer china I've collected for years
  • Trivets - metal, to use on the wood cook stove - if you put your pot on top, with the added height that lowers the temperature to turn your pot into a slow cooker!
  • Mixing Bowl
  • Even a baster, unused and still in the original package!
Driving home, the sun began to set and the most gorgeous full moon rose...
a precursor to Sunday's blue moon!

As you may well know, we have journeyed quite a saga, a long quest for heat until we get the solar energy / radiant heat finished... And this saga has (thankfully) happily ended, just in time, for, as my Uncle Fred tells so well over a bonfire: The cold months arrive.

Next: We meet with Jason Dorris and plan the next few weeks of finishing electricity, tracking down the plumber so we can then *finally* close up these walls.

We're also checking out Recycled Resin by Reform for that dividing wall between the middle bedroom and south room. No reason to let any light be blocked off... putting some neat, functional ideas in motion!

We... shall see.

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