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The First Thanksgiving at Virginia's Berkeley Plantation

Holidays are coming up.  We are filled with trepidation.
Why not celebrate Thanksgiving with The H's as the First Thanksgiving celebration was being held at Virginia's Berkeley Plantation?

So we did.

Like our last First Thanksgiving visit to Berkeley Plantation, there was the long, rolling lawn to stroll about while learning history, giggling children chasing each other through the boxwood maze to then climb the stairs to visit historic Berkeley on top of the hill, there was the pointing out the cannon ball embedded into the laundry house wall, then back down to play along the sparkling river at the bottom.

We skipped rocks, walked the arbor, and lounged about the picnic blanket together while the children played within the branches of the willow trees.

There was also a bit o' dancing at Berkeley... Dirty Dancing hadn't been invented yet.

And there was a bit o' dancing at Berkeley...

Our picnic basket was packed with good cheese, gourmet sandwiches, and subtle glasses of sherry.


We celebrated the First Thanksgiving at Berkeley Plantation, where Taps also originated.

Read more about this year's event >>

Afterwards we gathered in The Fan at The H's for a hot dinner of Brunswick Stew, corn bread, and pheasant.
Let the holidays begin.

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