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Old Time Hillbilly Music and Prefab House Kits. Sung through the heart, through the nose.

Sometimes, when you've been working too many hours for too many days for too long without a vacation...
it's easier to slip into darkness.

I am giving my children endless, unscheduled summers running wild with imagination and stacks and stacks of  books, chasing down and romping with big Shop Dawgs and complaining chickunz, looking like Cave Children to the rest of the world around them...

But I have been working hard.
So, to escape, I recall some of my own favorite childhood summers, spending hot sticky weeks in Lookout Mountain, Tennessee: Visits to my cousin's grandmother, who let us dress up in her gorgeous clothes, then fed us avocado and lemon salads on nice china for lunch...  Flying in a single engine plane with Fletcher, piloting us all down to Suwannee, Florida, to visit the alligators and locusts while he taught Lucy and I how to fish... the alligator in the back yard pond, the roaming tusked boars, and when we, being kids, put blobs of Fletcher's shaving cream on every grasshopper / locust hopping about in the yard...

I often use the song below, although about love in a different way, to poke light through the dark heavy felt of reality descending when I need it most.  It always reminds me of my family in Tennessee, with whom I spent some summers, and Fletcher singing his heart out with just his voice and a fiddle in The Dismembered Tennesseans... and lifts me.

All of these songs make me soar. Here's the original, Bill Monroe:

Here's Fletcher's story:

One day, I will tell the stories of our first prefab house kits, happening now, built in states far, far away, and some near... they are going up now.  I will tell the stories of the nuances and site obstacles to overcome, to look back, years later, to the family stories within each household told as they live there...

In the meantime I dedicate this post to old time music, stories passed down, histories created, and passing on knowledge and hope and history to and through my friends and inspired by a founding member of The Dismembered Tenneseans, Fletcher Bright.

[As they ask in this video... "Is there a tune this man doesn't know?"]




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