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Maybe, just maybe, if I eat one sun-ripened tomato sandwich a day... summer will stay her languid departure..

Summer Sandwich:
  • 1 sun kissed, never put in a refrigerator, preferably from your back yard ripe tomato 
  • Sliced white bread (we usually use grain, but for this sandwich it really does need to be white)
  • If you don't make your own, the only thing you are allowed to slather one slice of bread with is DUKES Mayonnaise
Slather one slice with mayo, top with layers of sliced tomatoes, sprinkle with kosher salt and pepper, top with remaining bread, and squish it down lightly so it all melds together. I *dare* ya to try to eat this with your hands. Make sure your cloth napkin is at the ready. 




At 8/24/10, 11:21 AM , Anonymous Edward Lazaron said...

Virginian Pilot columnist Guy Friddell used to write about the tomatoe sandwich every summer. Also seersucker suits. Thanks for taking me back. Now I know what I want for lunch!

At 8/24/10, 1:15 PM , Blogger Passive Solar Prefab Homes said...

The menfolk in my family are STILL partial to seersucker! : )

Enjoy your lunch!


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