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Good Friends, Bluegrass, And An Unfinished Zero Energy Prefab = Great Times.

Welcome to The VIDEO Version of another weekend in our zero energy prefab house kit.

Zero Energy Prefab House Kit - Sadly Leaving After The Weekend

Yes, another prefab-ulous weekend camping in our zero energy prefab house kit, still under construction.

As you know, our zero energy prefab house kit was up in days. But the finishing of the house, much less the farm, is long term.

Above is a clip, at the end of all our fun, after a very special weekend in the off grid prefab house with dear, dear friends, lotsa cheap beer, and loads of adventure.

Last time The L's were here, we had nothing to offer them; no prefab, no shelter, just raw, scraggly land and one lone picnic table. And they came, any-hoo, and stayed the day. Because that's what good friends do.
This time? We camped happily together in the zero energy prefab house kit.


But enough about me. 


Where were YOU at Holiday Lake 4-H's 1st annual Brew & Bluegrass festival with Windfall, The Sigmon Stringers, The Half Bad Bluegrass Band, and Surefire Bluegrass Band?!?!?!?

You know, the one with Virginia breweries, wineries and a gorgeous lake setting straight outta Switzerland except it's not Switzerland, it's Virginia! 

I'll forgive you for not knowing about this fantastic bluegrass festival (yet) as it was their first year. 

But I'd better see you next year...

Where else can you see FANTASTIC bluegrass music... 

...while imbibing from local breweries and wineries... a beautiful lake front setting...

...with charming cabins to stay in for pennies (Ok $12 but SERIOUSLY folks) and spotless facilities at your disposal...

...with even wildlife stopping by to enjoy the show?!?

All together, raising money for a great cause: 4-H Camp!!!

Here's some snippets: If you like what you hear, make sure you visit the Holiday Lake 4-H's page where you can then scroll down to each band's photo, which takes you to their website and purchase cds there. (Apologies I did not get all the bands because it only occurred to me to take snippets after I had had my second glass of delicious Spring Creek Wine Cellar wine.)

Holiday Lake 4-H 1st Brew & Bluegrass #1 .

Holiday Lake 4-H Brew & Bluegrass #4

Holiday Lake 4-H Brew & Bluegrass #2

Holiday Lake 4-H Brew & Bluegrass #3
[Thatz our sloppy, off key, enthusiastic chair-side braying affecting their nice melodic tune in this camera-held video. Apologies.]

Whomever put forth this first festival knows what they're doing.
Next year, not only would I love to see a redux of the fantastic acts that played this weekend, but I humbly also nominate Thomas Bailey, The Dismembered Tennesseans and Bluetick Holliday to come play as well.
I bet I might be able to twist their arm fer ya, if you like... : )

Now before you think I'm Little Miz Bluegrass, it's not the only music I listen to.

In fact, Handsome Husband found a great tape I made for him years ago - in my height of Goth days: instead of Side A and Side B, I had labeled this tape as having the Doom Side and Gloom Side.  It made for great car music on the way home as we traversed sunny happy gorgeous scenery...

We're raisin' our children all proper-like in expanding their music knowledge: Not just Brahms to Bluegrass, but this afternoon? Ziggy Stardust, Red Lorry Yellow Lorry, and The Damned.

As we wound our way back to Richmond, it occurred to me:
We could start a band, enter next year's Brew & Bluegrass fest, 'cept all we'd play are bluegrass covers of The Cult and aforementioned bands... 
It could happen... it could!
 It soooooooooooooooooo could.

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