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Energy Usage In The Average Home Vs. Consider A Passive Design Prefab With SIP

Ok fine maybe y'all don't speak German ; ) so let me explain:

From Der Spiegel, this is a chart explaining "Energy Use In Private Housing."

Let's take a look at it.
The orange? Lighting.
Gray? Appliances, including communication.
The ugly greenish shade? That's cooking, drying, and ironing.
(You can make my sliver even smaller on that, do I look like a gal who irons?!?)

Now here's the interesting part:
The slice o' purple? That is what it takes, in the average home, to create your hot water.
And that big ole hunk o' red? That's what it takes to heat an average house.

So take away the huge amounts needed to heat your home and water because you have a passive solar off grid prefab house kit?
And consider how little energy you'd expend to maintain comfort in your home.

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