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The Cloud: Part One.

When you sign our agreement to purchase a prefab house kit, it also comes with some questions for you, as a client, to answer, so that you can better plan your future green home.

One of the questions we ask is, "Would you like wire chases in the roof SIP in your prefab house kit, and if so, where?"

This way the plant can customize the roof SIP (structural insulated panels) to your own desires, best fitting your own purpose and individual interior design scheme.

When WE, as our own consumers taking OUR prefab house kit to zero energy through off grid systems aided with the prefab house kit's passive solar design, answered that question, we said:
"Naaaah. We don't need no wire chases! Let the mutha [track lighting] RUN!
RUN, track lighting, RUN! We don't need no AC let the DC power RUN!"
Ok, maybe not exactly like that, in those words.

[Sung to: The Roof! The Roof! The Roof is ON FIRE! If you've never heard of this rap classic (I hadn't until Crazy Mark Colton came along) here's the song, below: And yes, okay-fine, that was a stretch. And no I don't often listen to rap but these guys are fantastic.]

Obviously nothing is on FI-YUH on the zero prefab project right now, but the above video is my homage to Mark Colton who used to sway his head back and forth from one shoulder to the next pumping his arms in some crazy circle while bellowing this song out to the world when we were kids.  Mark, know I can never discuss roofs without this song in my head, ever.

Like the late 80s, this track lighting idea is full of angles and cables and shoulder pads.
Well, maybe not shoulder pads, but we have created... A PAD.

Actually, it's not a pad, exactly, although if it were a floor built-in detail (hey! cool idea!) it could be inspired by lily pads.  But as this is on the ceiling, instead:
We call it... THE CLOUD.

We will talk about this in lots more detail over the next month.  But I'm excited, it's a heck of a lot of fun, and it involves drilling holes in suspended stuff and an homage to Christmas Lights and twinkling stars while providing a practical efficient space for electrical system access WHILE creating happy, filtered light.
It will be a bit of fun detail to the large southern space, yet sleek and subtle...oh, you'll see...

We spoke about the roof a lot this weekend.
Not just on the interior, but on the exterior as our zero prefab solar systems become secure.
In using this space over time, we're seeing our original ideas evolve as to how we, as a family, are actually using the space: ORGANIC systems design, based on an original practical design, which most people do not have the opportunity to do.

So, we changed some things.

Like got a coolio wood cook stove, for example as backup to the off grid radiant heat.

Now we have an unplanned chimney pipe in the middle of the elegant, airy room (and external air supply through the slab) that we need to gracefully exit, and we are going to send it through The Cloud. 

Heavenly, isn't it?
[Handsome Husband quips, "Maybe not heaven, but The Bean Stalk..."  Shush, Jack.]

BTW: Here's some pictures and examples of where our contractor cut access to the SIP *WALL* wire chases for electrical boxes, etc.  The wire chases runs consistently, you, with your contractor and code, just need to determine what the best plan is for you where to place the outlets so it is tailored to YOUR interior design and plan.

Y'all gotz any other requests? Discuss it with us when you place yer order...
On the request line... : )

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