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Pirates And Prefabs! Summer Sailing While Pondering A Cook Stove For The Passive Solar House Kit.

We are down at the bay, turning the next generation into pirates.


While teaching them about wind, waves, and sea, my mind still rests on that old cook stove we bought for $250 on a nearby farm last week.
Did you know that cook stove, a Mealmaster 44N, is still in production today?!?
A new cook stove retails for about $1,700.
Not including shipping...

A replacement firebox for our rediscovered cook stove will be ordered this week for $150, which also upgrades it to work for "today's standards." More on that after it arrives, with more information on the retrofit into an energy efficient, prefab SIPs house with a tight envelope.

But first, we have to get this generation sailing!
While we're here, friends are out at the off grid zero energy passive solar prefab house kit, staying on the land for the next few weeks, so I'm hoping to beg some pictures of the cook stove and prefab house kit  from them to keep you company while we launch Pirates 2.0.

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