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Considering Virginia Off Shore Drilling

We were supposed to go to the land... but, due to Handsome Husband's last minute work deadline, couldn't.
Instead, I, with the children, hitched a ride to the bay, where I have spent a lifetime... and am now sharing with the next generation... and hope for their children to know.

So it is no surprise I could not stop thinking about the BP Oil Spill as I sailed and splashed through these waters...
And that, this, all of this you see in my photos of Virginia's watershed... could be desecrated similarly, easily.

We need to not only focus on containing what BP has done to our nation's environment, and hold them accountable to restore it (but how can you, completely?!?), but to prevent this from ever happening again.  This is also a challenge for us all to consider ways to reduce waste, to reduce dependency on oil, and to increase energy independence through alternate means.

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