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Prefab Passive Solar Zero Energy House Kit Gets A Visit From New York!

Well I was on pins and needles when I got the call from The New York People who came to visit the Virginia zero energy passive solar prefab house kit!!!  They said they would be happy to contribute a blog post on their own experiences at the zero energy off grid prefab modern home, but here is what I was able to jot down during our phone call:
"It's a small footprint house that lives LARGE ... We did not expect the bedrooms to be so BIG! ... When we walked into the prefab house kit around 4, we all noticed how much cooler it was inside, despite the heat! [Copeland's note: We still have no systems installed yet, so all cooling / heating is solely through the house kit's passive solar design + insulation]... This model will sit very well on our lot because of the placement of the windows - it will make the home owner feel like their world is expansive even if their lot is small. ..."
They ended the call to then tour the SIP (structural insulated panels) plant, and ask questions at the free SIP workshop where they can get hands on experience and advice on erecting one of our prefab house kits made with SIPs.

I am excited to see their pictures and hear more of their thoughts once they return to New York and have more opportunity to reflect on their prefab house kit experience.  We also discussed how they might tweak the house kit to fit best within their own local climate (increasing the pitch of the north roof and removing the scupper boxes, for example), simple changes  their local engineer can adjust, then send back to the factory so that the shop drawings accommodate the changes.

I was sad we could not give The New York People a personal tour, but as their visit was during the workweek that was not possible as I already had an all-day meeting and am tied to the children's school schedule.  But that might have been a good thing - let them see it, experience it for themselves without my guiding them, and they can truly experience the energy efficiency and design of a zero energy prefab house kit with no "sales" or guidance.

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At 5/8/10, 3:57 PM , Blogger Margaret Broucek said...

Hi Copeland,
Hey, we are going to be in Richmond this Thursday through Sunday. My partner and I are going for a business meeting and then staying on to take in the sights. Any recommendations for places not to miss? Restaurants?

At 5/8/10, 6:57 PM , Blogger Passive Solar Prefab Homes said...

Thursday is Green Drinks, which I co-host - we're doing an Urban Coop Tour if you like to join us!
(I leave Friday for New York for ICFF.)

SO many places to see in Richmond, my faves are...

Drive through The Fan, then up & down Cary Street to see the best & worst of Richmond, down Three Chopt, meander through Northside, can always eat in Carytown, they have Indian + French + BBQ + Thai + Pubs

Restaurants: (That are integrated into the neighborhood fabric, not necessarily the fanciest place to eat, but represent neighborhoods + amazing food)
- Fan: Helens / Bacchus
- Broad Street / Jackson Ward Rejuvenation: Belvedire At Broad
- More foodie in a recovering wasteland yet comfortable: Cafe Rustica
- Make sure to make time for bbq, local food, of course, I can certainly point you in those directions...

Walk Maymont
While away time in the Virginia Museum
Stroll through The Fan along Monument
Seminary Avenue

At 5/9/10, 7:27 PM , Blogger Margaret Broucek said...

Fantastic tips! Thanks! Where and when does Green Drinks begin? I think our flight arrives around 5:45 PM on Thursday. Hey, I've taken inspiration from you and started a blog (

At 5/9/10, 10:01 PM , Blogger Passive Solar Prefab Homes said...

IF your flight arrives on time by the time you get IN to Richmond we will be halfway through Green Drinks - but that doesn't mean you couldn't hotfoot it to the 2nd coop. Email me your info, I'll add you to "The list".

Regardless, let me know why you're in Richmond, I'd be happy to point you in whatever direction you might need!

(Yes of course I saw your blog! More pictures!)


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