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ICFF 2010 Last Look

Now that I've had a few days to decompress in Richmond, here are some final items I hadn't included in my posts on ICFF 2010.

lzf produced some gorgeous lamps of natural wood - noteably the Agatha, of which a friend, Michael David Whaley, back in Virginia said:

"The Lantern In The Middle Rather Imelda Marcos Meets Holiday Inn But The Others Are Stunning ... Like The Spring Blossoms Of Magnolia Stellata ..."

I also liked Link and Saturnia, in all heights.

Wobble Bowls by Speechless Studios were fun, but not just a gimmick.  The colors were fresh, and they were a nice, solid weight without being too heavy, and I could picture them as perfect during a groggy morning latte or cereal while chaos swirls...

Bernhardt Design had a nice collection of sleek, modern seating solutions.
Why am I not going cuckoo over Cocoon's fireplaces with adjustable heights?
Because it's not sealed, which you need in a SIPs prefab house kit.
So nope, no Cocoon for me.

I also understand that cool, it runs on bio-fuel, but the reality of the majority of our prefab house kit clients is that they can usually harvest already-fallen, renewable wood from their home site so really, shipping in a bunch o' ethanol is not a practical solution for us.

Speaking of cocoons, I always love seeing the latest cocoon lamps from Ango, made of real, silk cocoons, yet I don't know if they'd pass my "five year" rule - wonder what they look like after five years of dust attraction...

Regardless, their stainless steel chair "Garden boy" was also nice.

Now I realize the products shown at ICFF might not fit everyone's price point. 
But you can be inspired by beauty, to keep an eye out when hunting for your own treasures for your prefab green home!

P.s. Speaking of beyond price point, remember when I was talking about my zero waste traveling strategy?
I always think I'm pretty smooth - for not contributing to the overflowing garbage cans along well traveled roads or trains, but also because refusing to succumb to paper or plastic is not only environmentally friendly, honeychile, it's stylin'!

What if I showed up on Amtrak with this:
One can dream...

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