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ICFF 2010 : Day 2

While I've been whoopin' it up in NYC, my Maytag wringer washer arrived for the prefab zero energy house kit! It's huge! It's cool. It even came with that coolio tub thingy mah chillunz are sitting in! Who wants to come over and wash some clothes fer me? It will be a new guest party game. Right?

Well, honeychiles, back to New York:
What was the theme of ICFF 2010?
There was no predominant color scheme. There were natural materials everywhere, almost always with bits of color - apple green, slate blue... I also am seeing a return of darker wood, especially walnut, with an oil finish.

Animals, especially antlers, were another note to notice... although I'm not crazy about many of the applications, often they were used in a way that was too obvious or awkwardly functioning.  Honestly I did not see one successful deer's mounted antlers attempt, and there were several.

Overall, the vendors showed more clean lines, which you know I love, (versus prior years where you could walk half-an-aisle thinking, "Did they not get that this was the International *Contemporary* Furniture Fair?") honeychile, with an emphasis on local craftsmanship.

Note: If you see a photograph in the above slideshows that seems not quite typical of me there's a good chance I took the picture because I was going, "Really?!? What were they *thinking*?!?"

Christian Woo is a good example to show you of trends at ICFF 2010 -  clean lines, natural materials, the smaller trend of walnut, and a slice of color: in this case, green or slate:

Almost hidden away at the end of an aisle in a dark space, I stumbled upon Lot 61.
Good golly that's gorgeous furniture. Note the sharp edges yet rounded at critical points:
In my mind this line is an instant classic.

Arper put out an amazing collection of environmentally-minded gorgeous design. Check it *all* out, honeys, on their website, because I did not take proper pictures. I liked the Catifa 70 lounge, chairs, the Dizzie table, and the Leaf chairs and lounges especially.

Iannone put out another pretty collection, with their signature trees and birds but I really also liked their pixelated take on a butterfly:

Embodying functional, clean lines with craftsmanship, this Liffey bed by SHIMNA looks much nicer than my photo, and the quilt, not so garish. He teetered on the southwestern edge but pulls it back enough to remain modern. Note the drawer space underneath, and even smaller drawers in the headboard, perfect for a watch and rings, yet it maintains a clean line and craftsman finish and weight.

Normally I would not talk about toys but how can I *NOT* mention this passive solar, prefab DOLL HOUSE with SOLAR PANELS by brinca dada?!?
For children, I thought this bookcase by designArtist Soh was a creative, lovely way to add storage to a room... Sure it might be a little hard for your cutie to reach up into, but sometimes... isn't that the point?!? Oh yes, those branches will stay neat and organized, despite your pipsqueak's efforts!  (It also screws into the wall, protecting your precious one from achieving, "Tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiim-ber!")

Again, like many at ICFF,  Peter Sandback's tables combined natural with clean and color in their line...

I particularly liked,, and much appreciated the flexibility and combination you could achieve with the tables on and

I loved, loved, loved the clean lines with a touch of curve at Kalon Studios. He really did a great job of combining the clean, strong design of the chair with a bit of delicate embellishment on the backs that it perfectly subtle, does not lose the lines and draws you in with its detail.
Check out his sweet Ioline baby changing trunk, and Isometric chair and table at

In outdoor furniture, I appreciated loll designs 100% recycled, recyclable and weatherproof furniture - traditional forms you grew up with with a more modern, lightweight edge.

I liked the prost stainless steel bench by Studio Simic:

I had to stop when I found FunQuilts.  Oh, yes, quilts can be modern. What a great way to add clean, crisp lines to your bed? Really, honeychile, it's not always about a big fluffy duvet. Plus I had been *gingerly* sleeping under P.'s GRANDMOTHER's quilt during my trip, hoping not to ruin it, so I had a close appreciation for the detail and craftsmanship and longetivity such an investment can achieve. If you ask me, (you did, didn't you?) quilts are BACK.

dform has gorgeous, flat packed lighting that pops and hooks together so light emanates from beautiful textural-yet-dustable forms. I just wish they could tweak their materials to be a bit more environmentally friendly. Yes it's wood but it's laminated to a polymer core... wonder if there would be a better alternative. Their wall screens are aluminum with 15% post-consumer and 45% post-industrial content.

Sadly, this UK designer used fiberglass for these lamps, otherwise I'd be all over their nod to Arabian Nights and botanical detail:

Now after all this stompin' around ICFF, I was getting a bit frayed at the edges... but I really wanted to see the model citizens show.
"Community-based Model Citizens encourages talented designers to explore, share and market creative innovation to generate viable economic solutions. Our events are intended to highlight the designers that generate original ideas as well as the skilled individuals that produce them. We recognize that without diversity or risk there is no innovation, without a cooperative spirit no new relationships can be made, and without a commitment to new approaches to design practices we create nothing.

Made up of independent designers as well as design related business partners, Model Citizens includes all of the individuals who, together, represent a sustained model of productivity within the design industries. ─ Whether it means a designer learning from a new technology, a small manufacturer energizing their business with fresh thinking, or potential buyers discovering something outrageous, Model Citizens is dedicated to unleashing the excitement that occurs when inspired individuals come together to create the extraordinary."
I also really enjoyed learning about Project H Design.

"Project H Design connects the power of design to the people who need it most, and the places where it can make a real and lasting difference.
We are a team of designers and builders engaging locally to improve the quality of life for the socially overlooked. Our five-tenet design process (There is no design without (critical) action; We design WITH, not FOR; We document, share and measure; We start locally and scale globally, We design systems, not stuff) results in simple and effective design solutions for those without access to creative capital. 

Our long-term initiatives focus on improving environments, products, and experiences for K-12 education institutions in the US through systems- level design thinking and deep community engagements."
And, of course, Build It Green NYC:

You know, there was some gimmicky-but-doesn't-really-work-in-real-life products... but Slow Life Designs stood out... if correctly placed in a well lit area, I could see myself having some fun with that soil area in the center!

Oh, the gimmicky and non functional?
Well, I must have spent too much time with my beloved fashionista old room mate, who has a heart of gold, who is one of the kindest girls I know, but, after being in fashion for so many years, and whose job is to critique fashion decisions and design...I now have her voice talking in my head as I saunter down the street...

Now, thanks to P., this voice, a running commentary, is mentally critiquing every outfit I pass (I used to be such a nice girl!), so I am going to say it:

These.... well, these, below, did not wow me. Ok fine I won't add them, you can go through the slide shows and see which products fit the following categories to see why they flummoxed me with their, in my mind, baaaaaad design:
  • Wasted Space
  • Honeychile, That Would Never Work In Real Life
  • Gimmicky
  • Gilded For Tha' Helluv It 
  • Overstuffed / Too Blocky (always a crime!)
  • Use of Distracting Color That Would Detract From What You Are Trying To Present To Someone Who Could Be Paying For Your Services
[By the way, Miss I Only Catch And Release Fish And Am Trying To Sell Consumers Fish Knuckes (yes, fish knuckles): You may be a strict vegetarian who can certainly unleash your disdain towards me and tell me I'm horrible for my archery and fishing to eat. I get it, I was vegetarian for years.

But when I catch you two minutes later dragging deep breaths on your cigarette, I can't help but imagine what YOU are doing to wildlife:]

Oh, but enough Mean Girl.
I'm headin' back to Virginia, already missing my New York friends, but happy to throw myself back into my family's arms and back to progress on the zero energy, off grid prefab house kit!!!!

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