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Passive Solar Prefab House Kit Open House Weekend: Off Grid Net Zero Systems, Living With Less And Doing More.

Well, what-a-weekend in the off grid prefab house kit that was!
Friday I raced to the prefab modern house, cleaned up, and met with a reporter.
Then my family and friends arrived, and honeychile, we trashed the prefab house kit.

Saturday we woke up and frantically cleaned up for the Prefab Open House, which was really fun!
Thank you all who drove from so far to come visit us in the off grid prefab house kit, STILL with no systems!
Then the Prefab Open House was over, and we promptly trashed the house, again.

THEN Sunday we woke up and frantically cleaned, again! And a photographer came out. And then we trashed the house! Then I cleaned it again!
I. Am. Pooped.
It. Was. FUN. : )

We are very grateful to The Ault's Family Farm who not only let us take showers, but sent us back to the prefab passive solar house kit with cartons of gorgeous pullet eggs to give our guests!!!

And, why yes, we *did* eat cake! : )

Handsome Husband spoke about the off grid systems we are installing in the net zero passive solar prefab house.

Off Grid Net Zero Systems Talk Part 1 for Prefab House Kit

Off Grid Net Zero Systems Talk Part 2 for Prefab House Kit

As we mentioned, it's not just about a cool modern, energy efficient prefab house.
It's about purposely spec'ing for less systems, for off grid, doing more with less.

It's the fun treasure hunt to Make Somethin' Outta Nothin' - note as you look at pictures of the prefab, that almost *everything* has been recycled and reused - from the passing-down of my grandmothers bed, to the bookcase found in a thrift store used and already reused within our own family in four different ways before finding its fifth use in the prefab house.

A nice woman from Maryland asked me how we got into "green living." (And she is in wildlife management! She should be giving us advice! : ) )

The simple answer is... we grew up with land, feel connected to it, see the cause and effect in how people treat it.  We grew up sailing, so understand the wind and sun and how to use it.  We camp, so appreciate bringing this all together to preserve but also shelter and sustain our family, comfortably.
Plus supa coolio modern design is really fun on a shoestring. I like the hunt!

Seriously, it just makes sense.
Living carefully, purposely, frugally just. makes. sense.
And is tons of fun.

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At 4/12/10, 8:50 PM , Blogger Mothermary said...

Great documentation, Copeland. I felt like I was there. Congratulations on a beautiful home - the realization of a beautiful green dream.

At 4/13/10, 7:39 AM , Blogger Passive Solar Prefab Homes said...

*Thank you* so much - seeing it all neat and clean (if only for a millisecond) and with the cabinet and real dishes there... it was not just "camping in the house kit" - it was HOME. It really is finally turning into HOME... and once we get systems (this summer, as in, NOW!) and I can cook? Shower? Well, that will be so weird, so great, and it's going to be VERY hard not to move immediately.

At 4/13/10, 8:01 AM , Blogger Passive Solar Prefab Homes said...

P.s. It's not just about having the green home of your dreams, it's about community: The community here is SO STRONG, SO KIND...and heck ya, SO FUN... : ) That alone has made it very difficult not to move even before the house is done!


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