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Lovely weekend. But time to get busy on the prefab house kit!

For Easter break we headed down to the river for some quiet time, and met up with our more northern cousins, in town from Warrenton, Alexandria, and New York. It was delightful, and quiet. Exactly what I needed to kick this cold I have had for four months: I had forgotten what it is like to have amenities like running water and a working stove on the weekends!

The best moments were spending time with my cousins, and watching the next generation forge their own friendships and explore this place I loved to explore when I was their age.

While visiting, we even had an impromptu tour of our cousins' home - I took a video because I thought you might find the architecture and materials interesting. The video ends quickly when he digresses on "How to scare wood peckers" which, I thought you might find NOT so interesting as we are of the type that ENCOURAGES wildlife. : )

Andy Gives A Tour
Thank goodness for cousins.

Now that we're back, the pure logistics of what will need to happen before the Prefab Off Grid Net Zero Open House intimidates me.

Also, here's fair warning for some of you that are more farming based and interested purely in the efficiency of the house kit: I'm about to spend the next few months geeking out on modern design. Don't worry, there's still off grid systems technology posts that will make you happy. : ) But although practical, I'm also a modern design geek, and about to go more into that side.

(Stick with it! It's still me. Just going off on a design tangent. We all have our quirks... : ) And once the prefab green home is finished we turn our thoughts more towards sustainable agriculture... with a LOT of help from our already-farming friends!)
AND, here's a design tangent we can all appreciate:

Cool dishes and lots of glasses for the off grid prefab house kit recycled back to use for the Open House - ALL OF THIS for $36 and it benefits the local Emergency Rescue Squad!

Seriously: WHY would you ever use paper plates and napkins when you can excel in elegance and frugality, celebrating recycling with gorgeous mix-n-match patterns?

That you can reuse, over and over and over and over... for all your friends and family!

I also got a GREAT update via email from Jason Dorris, who has been working on the prefab home's inner wall in the south room, adding the reused, recycled VMI basketball court after our carpenter Bobby Hirsh returned with his family to Haiti (to help there, as a skilled carpenter).

Here's his report:
"I love days when there is visible progress. I will go as high tomorrow as my ladders allow, then finish the plywood infill, and clean up."
I thought you might enjoy seeing the progress of the reused VMI basketball court on the walls as of our modern prefab house today:
(THANK YOU, Jason!)

Seeing these walls, and acquiring the plethora of glass and china this week to be reused in the prefab house kit from the thrift store, makes me REALLY WANT to drag out my mid-century Danish china hutch we found some years ago.  (So, yo: Anyone got a truck who is heading to the Prefab Open House this weekend?)

This hutch will be perfect for storing utensils and china in the kitchen area, and will look super with the reclaimed VMI floorboards.

For those of you following design, you may be noticing a practical pattern here that all can appreciate: We have always been into frugal, practical, gorgeous reuse!

The question you want to ask us is not "what is recycled?" but "what is NOT recycled?" And that is pretty much the prefab's off grid systems, bedsheets, and a lamp shade or two.

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