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Vintage Hat Friday!!! Mod Girl vs. Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm!

This weekend we will camp in the prefab house kit...
With all this snow and rain, it became apparent we need to focus on the north side of the home site when I spied some water on the edge of the house kit on our last visit and *freaked*.  You may recall we haven't infilled yet, haven't finished grading as we instead focused on the house kit construction and systems.

My horror was put to rest when the contractor told us it came from the water splashing up from the roof when it hits the ground, which is why we need to get those scupper boxes and drain spouts installed asap.

As you know, it really has been UNUSUALLY wet this month; normally this north side wouldn't be an issue. But it's a good excuse to get back on track with the home site grading and plantings, and finishing that exterior area.

SO, this weekend we will be swinging pick axes, shoveling gravel, and grading... manually.
I mean, at least if I had committed a horrible crime it might be worth this Chain Gang weekend...
Well, who am I kidding.
Our prefab house kit is worth doin' the Chain Gang Moves more than anything devious I could ever plot! Plus I need the exercise!

So... think of us this weekend as you relax... we will be busy, again, makin' Something Outta Nothing.

Also: Today I sow the spinach seeds and break out the cold frames.
That can only mean one thing: Vintage Hat Friday ends soon!
In the meantime...

Amy: Red and Blue and Mod All Over

I wore this out today. Oh, oh yes I did. And I’ll have you know I’m going by the hardware store today after work. Good thing I don’t mind expanding people’s horizons a bit at the expense of my own perceived normalcy ;)

Fabulous mod 60’s dress was acquired at (surprise, surprise) the St. Catherine’s’ Theater Sale. Navy blue, red and cream polyester with lots (and lots) of buttons. It took me half an hour this morning just buttoning this thing. Red and cream striped Jean Michelle scarf from Paris was picked up at goodwill YEARS ago. I wanted to wear the dress and had NO IDEA what headwear to pair with it, til I lucked out in my big box o scarves and realized that this one matched perfectly, right down to the off white background colors. Hilariously, I’d always had trouble wearing it with things because it was off white and not white. But today it alllll fell into place.

Bright red tights from Target, chunky brown/black leather shoes from goodwill. I keep that place in business, I tell you.

The whole outfit was less than $20 by a long shot.

Vote for me. Because I brushed my bangs in a new direction and didn’t wear a coat because it simply ‘would not go’. Fierce.

Copeland: Copeland Of Sunnybrook Farm
So, as I shovel and swing a pick axe tomorrow, I will get through it by reminding myself that this outfit portrays the look of success one might achieve through hard work, thrift, and somehow resolving to emanate a feminine demeanor.It is also a good journeying outfit, and these days we embrace new opportunity, so why not be at the ready with your bags packed?
(Note: Our prefab house kit work is even taking me to Switzerland this month, unless I can push one of the architects on the plane instead.)

One can project a sophisticated, feminine, pulled together look merely on a dime or two. 
You don't have to tell the world that...
  • the blouse is from a suit bought for $3 at an estate sale
  • the hand made, hand knit skirt was purchased for fifty cents
  • the hat is often used in Vintage Hat Fridays, a $4 purchase from a vintage shop this summer
  • the heels have tripped and wiped out in more nightclubs than you ever should know about yet add that "I can match my dog" touch o' class.
So.... Vote Fer Meeeee!




At 3/5/10, 11:21 AM , Blogger Tim [ codearachnid ] said...

wow you both are fabulously awesome today! it's a tough one - red hair and leopard print shoes or red buttons and leggings?

So today's verdict - I can't pick a winner they're both awesomeness. You both get $1 store trophies!

At 3/5/10, 11:23 AM , Blogger Erin said...

"Red, White and Mod All Over" definitely gets my vote this week!

At 3/5/10, 11:34 AM , Blogger claiborne said...

OK, the shoes matching the dog win it.

At 3/5/10, 11:34 AM , Blogger Unknown said...

My vote is for Amy! LOVE the look!

At 3/5/10, 11:47 AM , Blogger Unknown said...

So cute, Amy! You've got my vote this week!

At 3/5/10, 11:51 AM , Blogger Passive Solar Prefab Homes said...

Handsome Husband voted for AMY.

*Staggers*, clutching heart...

Amy: "Ha! That gets you back for the time MY husband voted for you! And then you made me listen to Queen! And sang "We are the champions" ALL DAY LONG!"

Oh yeah, I forgot about that...

At 3/5/10, 1:23 PM , Blogger Unknown said...

My vote is for Amy on this one - she looks adorable!

At 3/5/10, 2:37 PM , Blogger George said...

As always, you both look great, but the the Sixties was my era. Amy made me feel like a young man again, and richly deserves my vote.

At 3/5/10, 2:40 PM , Anonymous Michelle said...

Amy waaaay too cute not to vote for today!

At 3/5/10, 3:53 PM , Blogger LunarWhirlwind said...

Amy for finding a way to make that bizzare dressy thing work.

At 3/5/10, 5:35 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Choosing is difficult this week, though Amy doesn't technically have a "hat" on. Can I vote for both of you? I love both outfits and you both look so great in them!


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