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A Pre-fabulous Weekend To Visit The Passive Solar Prefab House!

I am running off to meetings, but not before I quickly tell you that SPRING IS HERE, the weather in Virginia is GORGEOUS, and with the days lengthening we will be heading out to the net zero passive solar prefab house kit after work tonight instead of waiting until Saturday.

We do this often during longer seasons: pack up the car at lunch time, and as soon as our work day ends spend the first hour of the weekend eating sandwiches in the car for dinner as we drive to the land.  Usually, we pull up and unload, getting ready for the evening while the children and dogs frolic and run about, then call them inside just as the sun is setting... for a beautiful, relaxing weekend in the prefab house kit.

We will be doing more work around the foundation this weekend: Adhering the foam around the slab, adding flashing, etc.

And there are more trees to plant!

But first, before we head out to the net zero off grid prefab house kit... there is Vintage Hat Friday.

Amy: “Put on your Sunday clothes…” *

The Dress: It’s been awhile, but I *think* the dress is from (now out of business) “Nonesuch” in the fan. The shoes (behold my 1 pair of white shoes) and purse were both from Target, on clearance. The brooch is a vintage reproduction from “Bygones” in Carytown and was a birthday gift from Copeland 2 or 3 years ago. The hat and gloves were from an estate sale last year. This hat gives me trouble, as it’s hard to wear without looking ridiculous. Perched at the front of the head you start to look a bit like you’re trying to pass it off as a top hat. Perched at the back you can only hope to pull of Jackie O instead of ‘help, help, this hat is eating my brain!’.

*for those of you unaware, Bowtie Cinema on Boulevard is playing ‘Hello Dolly!’ next week as their classic 11AM feature Saturday and Sunday. If you like musical theater, it’s a must! Featuring such fabulous lyrics as: “It takes a woman all powdered and pink, To joyously clean out the drain in the sink” See you there!

Vote for one of us, and then get out and enjoy the weather!

Shanghai Suzie: 
Don't think this Shanghai Suzi has completely adhered to tradition. She might be in traditional garb (bought for 99 cents, yes, 99 cents, at Fan Thrift during that hike in the snow a few weeks back), but underneath, honeychile, underneath she is SPORTING hot pants and platform heels, ready for clubbing.

The hat, from the St. Catherine's theater sale, and the 1940s art, from my collection of "art I love that is not professional" or, amateur art I love to buy from different time periods.

The hot pants with dead fish, yes, DEAD FISH, are an homage to our Chesapeake Bay and James River, purchased at Trash & Vaudeville some years back when I was an East Village resident of New Yawk Cit-tay.

Speaking of New York - we have some news!
There will be a New York prefab SIPs passive solar house kit for you to see this summer!!! I will keep you posted on that, the Colorado project, and this as the summer progresses... as the Colorado & New York projects told me they're not really into blogging (but they will send prefab house kit project photos and updates by email).

In the meantime, I hope you all have a glorious weekend and... vote for meeeeeee!!!!

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At 3/19/10, 3:44 PM , Blogger George said...

I'm throwing my vote to Amy this week, whose outfit brought me back to memories of my energetic adolescent days. Copeland, I really liked your dress, but those Dead Fish Hot Pants kind of cooled off what would have been a winning combination.

At 3/19/10, 9:52 PM , Blogger Passive Solar Prefab Homes said...

Actually the outfit looked really good in real life- because, you could NOT see the dead fish hot pants ;)- *sigh* shoulda stuck with the traditional pose...


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