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LAST Vintage Hat Friday Of The Season!

It is raining.
Which ruins my plan to head out to the prefab and spend a sunny, dry weekend getting ready for the Prefab Open House.

See, the Prefab Open House is in two weeks.
Next week is Easter.
So this is (was?) our last chance to tidy up in the net zero off grid prefab home - to wash the concrete floors, to put the nice sheets on the beds now that we have DOORS to keep out the sharp-nailed, sheet-tearing, clay-filled-pawed dogs from the bedrooms...

But no, it rains. Torrents. Not even a nice gentle drizzle.

But here's some good news for ya, green building prefab house kit-only enthusiasts rejoice:
It's the LAST VINTAGE HAT FRIDAY of the season!!!

See, once the seeds sprout in the cold frames, it's all over for the season.
Now, for our work breaks, we can enjoy the garden as it stirs to life, again.

So say farewell to Vintage Hat Friday for the year, and make sure you vote!
For me!

Copeland: It's Raining, So I'm Reading.

This dress was free. Recycled from the 70's, Amy foolishly gave it to me. For free. And now I'm using it against her.

Did I mention it's raining buckets? What else is there to do than curl up with a nice old book, in this case, a book about An Adventurous Casati (there's quite a few Adventurous Casatis, by the way...).

The hat, I believe from a thrift store this summer, on sale.

And the jacket from an estate sale... for about $2.

Amy: Going out with a bang... or a rant. Or several rants.

Copeland gave me several lovely vintage dresses this week (for which I am very grateful) and I had the good taste to not use one of Copeland's dresses against her *looks meaningfully at COPELAND!* Nah, she wears it well and looks about a million times cuter in it than I did. Vintage - if you're not wearing it, PASS IT ON! Thrift KARMA!

*ahem*  Anyway, I went down to Halcyon Vintage Clothes yesterday and with the help of the fabulous and stylish staff found this lovely dress. Jacket. Skirt. Jacket and skirt that hook together and FORM A DRESS! This, ladies and gentlemen is what vintage clothes have that we've lost. This is an unlined, homemade outfit. But it fits like a million bucks. Some 50's housewife that was stretched for cash used her ingenuity to create something she could wear 4 different ways and look fabulous doing it. The skirt and jacket stand alone well, and as a dress they scream vintage chic. As a fellow sewing enthusiast I couldn't NOT bring this home. It needed cherishing. And the pattern needed saving. And I had store credit ;-)

The hat was... I have no idea. The tag assures me I paid $3 for it. And the brand appears to be "Randy Sue" That's all I got. But it's furry? And has a pinfeather? Neato. The purse was 50 cents at the (yes, yes I know) St. Catherines Theater sale. The shoes were a hand-me-down gift from a friend. My screw post leaf and rhinestone earrings were actually the first purchase I ever made at Halcyon when I first found it my second year in Richmond.

The coffee cup? Oh, I stole that from Copeland.

It's the last vintage hat Friday of the season... VOTE FOR ME! Wait... my DAD is playing? *sigh* I don't know what he's brought, but it was his birthday this week... And Copeland looks fabulous... Whatever. VOTE FOR SOMEONE!

Copeland: "Oh wait.
A DARK HORSE ENTERS!!!!!!!!!! It's... it's... It's AMY'S DAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And as we start to read his entry... our jaws drop. The office stops.
SIR, **ALL** The (Vintage) Hats Are OFF TO YOU!!!!"

We Present: AMY'S DAD.

The Story: There I was, sailing for endless days on a warship in the tropics of the vast Pacific Ocean in the waning days of the Vietnam War. It was war, I tell you, war! (Wanna see my medals?) Anyway, I needed a wide brim hat to shield my pasty white skin from the harsh rays of the sun while ashore. Being a resourceful young sailor with time on my hands, I set out to craft one from the materials at hand. I can still almost feel the churning, foamy, deep!

The Hat: (This is that site about the old hats, right?) Using the cutoff legs from a pair of boot camp issue denim pants (I needed a pair of shorts too) the hat was carefully hand crafted. Notice how the pant leg side seams are lined up across the brim, up the side, and across the top (military precision). Is that you Wilson? Look at that hand stitching on the inside! It even has a sweatband! The brim was stiffened by ironing a layer of sheet polyethylene between the upper and lower portions. What a hat! It’s old! (40 yrs). It’s recycled!

The Rest of the Outfit: The ever-popular Hawaiian shirt was purchased from the Walmart in downtown Honolulu. (Don’t be silly, of course there is one there) And, as strange as it may seem, Hawaiian shirts are still made in Hawaii, even the ones sold in Walmart.  The classic OP (that’s Ocean Pacific to you young’uns) swim shorts are hand-me-downs from a neighbor, saved at the last minute from a trip to the thrift store. Notice the faded but classic Hawaiian print.

So VOTE FOR ME, the Veteran, but not mad, hatter !!!!!!




At 3/26/10, 12:28 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hats off to all of the beautiful ladies there. But an added bow of respect to the man with the plan...and medals! I vote for Amy's Dad!

At 3/26/10, 12:30 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I vote for the Dad.

At 3/26/10, 12:32 PM , Blogger Tim [ codearachnid ] said...

I vote for the definitely not mad hatter. The pure ingenuity and thriftiness of a recycled material would make anyone proud!

At 3/26/10, 12:50 PM , Anonymous vabchboy said...

A vote for Amy and Copeland, cause they are going to need them. And for being such good sports.

At 3/26/10, 12:55 PM , Anonymous thecrazymanscoworker said...

I'm voting for the old guy in the silly hat. Not for the hat but for his bravery.

At 3/26/10, 12:55 PM , Blogger Amy said...

Copeland, you look really fabulous in that dress, and I am so glad I gave it to you. And while I am IN LOVE with that ensemble of mine...

There is no way in a million years I could ever hope to compete with the fabulous that is my Dad.

Dad, I love you, and you rock. Sewing your own hat out of pants? Now we see where I get it from :) And I vote for you!

At 3/26/10, 1:03 PM , Blogger Passive Solar Prefab Homes said...

Amy's Dad is MY HERO!!!!!!
I vote for him!!!!

At 3/26/10, 1:33 PM , Anonymous Cathy P. Coleman said...

I vote for Jay's creative and useful chapeau! Cathy C.

At 3/26/10, 1:55 PM , Blogger Unknown said...

I vote for vabchboy! Sure the girls' hats are nice, but how many people can claim to have a genuine VINTAGE HAT that they made themselves?! Also I vote for him due to his impecible fashion sense- shortshorts... they're coming back :)

At 3/26/10, 2:01 PM , Blogger LunarWhirlwind said...

I dont know whether to vote for copeland or Amy's Dad. o_o
Can't I vote for both...?

At 3/26/10, 2:23 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I might be a bit in love with Amy's dad... so he gets my vote.

Copeland and Amy both look amazing as well...

At 3/26/10, 3:24 PM , Blogger Passive Solar Prefab Homes said...

7 year old:
"Amy's Dad's a WINNER!!!
I wish *I* had *HIS* bathroom!"

5 year old:
"I vote for the soccer ball!!!!"

TWO votes for Amy's DAD from (gasp) my children!!!!

At 3/26/10, 3:57 PM , Blogger George said...

Amy's Dad does look pretty damn sharp in his Hawaiian shirt, but with two young beautiful women also in the running, there's no way I'm going to vote for another old codger around my own age! I'm sure that he'll understand. Amy, you look terrific, just as you have all season (with the exception of the camo outfit), but I think you've drunk from the well of understated elegance once too often, so I'm giving this last vote to Copeland, who always comes up with something original, and looks amazingly cute in that outfit this week!

At 3/26/10, 4:03 PM , Anonymous Darlene in Va. Beach said...

I have to say, I prefer Amy's attire over Copeland's - I'm more of a "balanced" person. But the mad hatter - you've just gotta love a guy who's so creative! And just think of the ridicule he must have tolerated on a carrier full of salty sailors watching him do all this sewing instead of many "other-worldly" pursuits he could have been enjoying!!!

My vote has to go to him for not only his creativity and recycling efforts, but to his "masculine security"! Oh, did I say I've been married to him for 40 1/2 years? And Amy DID NOT get her creativity from ME!!! Balanced in Va. Beach

At 3/26/10, 4:28 PM , Blogger Unknown said...

Amy's Dad for the win!!

At 3/27/10, 11:41 PM , Blogger Unknown said...

sorry ladies, but pant hat wins over all else! One more vote for Amy's Dad!

At 3/30/10, 7:04 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

My vote's with the old geezer...the one with the cute knees!! Sorry, girls, maybe next year...


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