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Vintage! Hat! Friiiiiday!

Great news, prefab green house kit enthusiasts! IT DID NOT SNOW.
So Handsome Husband WILL be trekking out to the off grid net zero SIPs house tomorrow, and will take pictures of the interior walls that were just built!

So you will see some changes in the prefab house kit this weekend.
Currently we are still saving money so that we can pay in cash for our systems and labor costs.
Unfortunately we do not think we will have enough saved before the next Prefab Off Grid House Kit Open House to have everything paid for and installed...  But certainly by the following Open House this fall you should be able to peruse the house kit with the systems incorporated. I mean, heck, the house kit itself has been done for a year, all the other stuff (systems, finishing) are up to you, any-hoo... but it *will* be fun and amazing when we are able to see our prefab green home complete.

So, there will be a pause, then further fast construction and activity.  (And don't forget that after we finish the off grid net zero house, we move on slowly to create a sustainable farm!)

But wait.
What day is it, you say?
(Oh, yes, I can hear your groans... don't worry, spring is coming, which will soon mean the end to...)
Vintage! Hat! FRIDAY!!!!!

Amy: Giddyup Gallantly!
(Ok Copeland named this one since Amy is telecommuting today and didn't send in a title...)

Every season this skirt ends up in a vaguely equestrian getup.

Burgundy hat with net and feathers? $6

Hand dyed silk scarf from etsy? $25

Silk blouse from consignment shop? $20

Vintage velvet vest? $3

Ruffle backed skirt? $13

Leather Gloves? A gift.

Boots? well... Alot. But they'll last.
Always being prepared for spontaneous foxhunting? Priceless.

Copeland: One Night In Bangkok
Remember last weekend when we had NO KIDS and went hiking in Richmond's Fan District for hours? Well, in the course of our adventures, we stopped into Fan Thrift.  And I found the *perfect* navy with gold sparkly bamboo print dress to wear to the Museum Director's Chinese New Year Party that evening.  I couldn't help but blurt to him, upon arrival that...
"Hello, welcome, Mr. and Mrs. Casati..."
"I'm wearing a Dollar-Ninety-Eight Dress, Mr. Museum Director. Oh yes I am, $1.98."
"Um... Please come in..."
The orchid in my hair? (for the museum party) Was severed from one of my plants by a seven year old playing Star Wars with a light saber. Stuff happens, put it to reuse.
The hat? Another find from years ago... can't remember, sorry!
The gloves? From the fab estate sale last summer!
The dress? DID I MENTION THE DRESS COST A DOLLAR-NINETY-EIGHT?!? Unfortunately the photos don't show the GLITTER of the gold, it is rather fantastic.
The Goblet? Oh, the goblet! The gobletS! For three years I have kept an eye out when trolling thrift stores for a nice set of wine glasses for the prefab net zero house kit. You want something heavyish so that it's durable, and as a hostess you imagine the scenario of shattering glasses on your polished concrete floors... Well. Look what I found: Silverplated goblets. Handsome Husband is horrified, "You look like you're from the Knights of The Round Table, not some coolio modern house." No, really, they'll go with everything mod, I have it all planned out.

He just doesn't get it yet: See, when we have a mad party at the off grid house, and when you guys let those 1960s silver plated goblets purchased for TWO DOLLARS apiece (yes, $2.) slip outta yer hands... I won't cry, they'll just bounce off the concrete floor and all tha' more patina to 'em!


P.s. Here, in our business, in our lives, what holds us together is strength, and although we celebrate design and recycled, reused glamor, remember:
I get my kicks above the waistline, sunshine...
(Ok I found this video and just had to play it, so pretend that's my brilliant segue into this just for fun. 'K?)




At 2/19/10, 10:54 AM , Blogger Tim [ codearachnid ] said...

I was going to start out with 2 votes and split it down the middle - one for the 1.98 dress but seriously Copeland - even you took hats off on Amy's amazing coordination and outfit! so 2 thumbs way way up for Amy...

At 2/19/10, 7:21 PM , Blogger George said...

Well, I wasn't going to vote at all because you both look so great. Copeland, I am most tempted to vote for you because I know you need a boost to your moral after going through the unending health problems you've had this winter, and at $1.98, there is no doubt you are getting the biggest bang for the buck! On the other hand, Amy's stylish look might very well prove the old adage, that even when thrift shopping, "you get what you pay for". On the other hand, given what you've been though this week, being the true trooper that you are to even get into the competition, and still have such a great finish, a silver is probably as good as a gold.


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