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Vintage! Hat! Friiiiiday! The Music Video Version.

I deeply apologize for that recent endless spate of Vintage Hat Friday posts - everyone must bear them, but never has it been one post after the other due to being snowed away from the net zero prefab house kit for so long!
: )

I was just thinking today: Almost time to pull out the cold frames...
When the seeds sprout, Vintage Hat Friday ends for the year!

And, thinking of seeds, there was a great article this week on Southern Exposure Seed Exchange, where we've purchased our seeds for years. They are not just a company, but also a community. [LOVE THEM!]

Of course this brings me back to the subject of intentional community, and recent thoughts on the "luck-of-the-draw" when you randomly purchase a home (we had always been really fortunate and are still close with our old neighbors)...

We have always been SO community oriented / have such great friends in The Fan, North Side, now in Pamplin... we have lived in great communities but you have to realize that when you buy a house it really is LUCK that enables you to have fun people with similar humor, schedules and interests.

Choosing neighbors with similar mindsets (intentional community) is really not such a hippie thing (hey look at the gated communities!); but is an opportunity to put it all together as a full lifestyle: literally, just build your own vibrant community.

*Believe me, we now know.*...
A gorgeous mid-century house can't buy me love. ; )

I just want to say to my community:
Talk to me dah-lin', with the message of LOVE!
(And thaz right, Chrissie, you save them thar trees!)

Our friends get that. Tonight we'll be going to Girls Night (where the guys are of course invited too but we just call it that to make them mind their P's and Q's) one block away from where Decrepit Crappy Fan Farmhouse We're Considering sits. You know, the ill-built urban farm house with which we are falling in love. Yet we are also still in love with our solid, responsible, in the West End, mid-century modern house.

I feel like I'm on the Bachelor: "But I'm in love, with many houses!"
But only one gets the ring. And we're leaning towards the shabby sistuh, honeychile.

NO we don't aspire to own multiple homes.
The plan, from the beginning, was to slowly make Something-Outta-Nothing on the land so we could move there after our children finish the international program they are *fortunate* to be a part of, to be sustainable, while, hopefully, possibly, maintaining a ROOM in Richmond so we wouldn't have to rely on friends to always put us up, giving us access to my home town, where we have lots of friends, and the James River.

We know that urban farmhouse we're considering has no insulation, is poorly made, falling apart.
But you know what Bo would say...

Wait. Did I just mention Bo Diddley? Have you not gotten enough of him?
What, you need to see more? Ok.
Hey: Bo! C'mon and high jack this thread heah fer a moment!

I don't know...
I *do* know that we are feeling the wind shift, sniffing the air, testing the boundaries of what we want and expect for ourselves.
At night, I look about the warm glow within the mid-century, the comforting brick walls, the dogs and children sound asleep, mouths open, breathing gently in their slumber and I wonder,
"What if this is the biggest mistake we ever make?"

And I suddenly yearn to be on the land again, when it was just us and a camper, for it to be cold and clear with endless stars and for the dogs and I to be the only ones awake inside, listening to the outside: alive and aware of our intrusion.

After I finish volunteering Saturday for the Children's Home Society of Virginia, we are going to look at that urban farmhouse.  It's a strange feeling: it will go either way, but whichever way we choose we will be giving up a part of us, a part of a dream... it is not a good feeling but at the same time...

Sniffing the wind, adjusting the sails, preparing to batten down...
Yet, in juxtaposition, it's like a palm falling slowly open against a pillow, releasing all.

I release it.

We are ready for the next steps.
Even if we grow where we are currently planted.

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is probably the longest introduction to Vintage Hat Friday ever.

Copeland: Carmen Miranda Dolled Up Fer A Journey

So if I'm subjecting myself to all this angst and thoughtful dilemma, I'd better be ready to travel.

I wouldn't dream of doing so without
  • my Italian 1960s Callaghan wool tulip dress
  • 1950s white shrug
  • properly embroidered gloves and hankie
  • a fruity hat that declares I am ripe for a journey, and, to further show my willingness for adventure.
My decoupage purse serves dual purposes: The owl represents my readiness for flight; the sturdy wooden construction doubles as a weapon to whack anyone that gets in my way!

So take that!

Vote for meeeeee!

Amy: Olive and Draaaaaaab
The outfit reflects the weather and the season. Gray, brown… and just a hint of green.

The season is teetering on the brink of spring, but with the unseasonably cold temps and leftover snow still in piles everywhere, things just don’t seem as warm as you’d hope. I love the snow, I really do. But it’s about to be March, and I need some serious rain to wash the roads down and get things back to standard operating procedures…

All that in mind, this outfit is about end-of-Winter doldrums, trying to stay warm while still pulling out the Spring skirts, and wishing for motorcycle weather that is tantalizingly just around the corner.

Boots: you’ve seen them before. A lot. Still weatherproof and waterproof and upholding their rather extensive money back guarantee promises. Sometimes it pays to pay… but not often. As the rest of my outfit attests: Cable Knit thigh highs: on sale from Target $4, Skirt was $6 at Goodwill, Buell Motorcycles Tshirt $7 on sale from the Harley store, Scarf $10 on ebay, Purse and Bomber jacket both from the St. Catherine’s Theater sale, Belt - $2 at Diversity Thrift, and the gloves were a gift.

The Hat was yet another acquisition from a thoughtful friend who enjoys watching me embarrass myself here weekly. And knows I have a penchant for green and brown.

Snow is cool November through Feb, but I’d like my Spring now, please? Vote for me! And nice weather. We get to vote for that right?




At 2/26/10, 11:26 AM , Blogger Unknown said...

My note is for Amy - I love green!!!

At 2/26/10, 12:36 PM , Anonymous vabchboy said...

Lets see here. Copeland is having housing/musical mid-life crisis. Amy is coming down with Spring fever. But it's about the hats, right? No close up of Copeland's hat, hard to judge just how fruity it is. The vote goes to Amy for the trim, tidy, little button of a hat!

At 2/26/10, 2:10 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Vote is for copeland for having the full ensemble to go with the hat.

At 2/26/10, 2:36 PM , Blogger George said...

I hope those seeds sprout pretty soon, because trying to make these increasingly close calls is really starting to stress me out! Copeland, you land my vote this week.

At 2/26/10, 4:11 PM , Anonymous Tara Burner said...

ok, Copeland as you already know from this week on twitter..i'm LOVING all the music!!!
but if we're talkin hats, I'll have to give it to you Copeland as well! the whole ensemble and love the owls and ready to take flight and of course the ability to whack anyone who gets in your way is an added bonus (this from the girl who whacked her own brother w/a metal lunch box back in the day cuz he got in my way!)


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