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And Then There Was Snow

Oh, in case you are wondering, SNOWPOCALYPSE continues...
And they are calling for MORE SNOW this weekend.
S(n)o(w), no: No visit to the prefab passive solar house kit this weekend. 

Prefab construction enthusiasts take heart: I *will* have a systems post for you on more to consider when building your *own* house kit this week, as well as a post on the energy audit, AND a post on land preservation, inheritance!

But let's face it: This weather is wreaking havoc with EVERYTHING.

You can either rail against yer bad luck, or...
you can enjoy it.

So we went to Maymont...

Maymont from Copeland Casati on Vimeo.

Magnolia cave at Maymont from Copeland Casati on Vimeo.

Then we headed over to the H's to warm up in The Fan, a neighborhood in Richmond.

The Fan in the snow... from Copeland Casati on Vimeo.

...Despite not being able to visit the prefab net zero energy off grid house kit, we are  having a nice time with our friends.
'Cause... that's what friends are for!

We shall see if there are visits to the prefab green home any time soon... 

But wait. What's this? Is it FRIDAY you say?
It's for bleak, dark winter days like this that we created...
Vintage! Hat! FRIDAY!!!!!

Amy: “These Boots were Made for Rockin’ ”

For the first time in my life today, I asked myself ‘Boots or Legwarmers?’ and my wardrobe answered… ‘Both.’

This fabulous hat (I’m pretty sure ‘fabulous is the only adequate term’) was acquired from a  good friend who happened upon it in a thrift store and thought I’d find a way to do it justice some Friday (or perhaps he thought it would simply look hilarious). Either way, I’m grateful that it found its way to my head in all its silver ribbon-ed, horsehair accented, rhinestone bedecked glory. I have something of a large head by the standards of vintage fashion, so finding one that actually fits is always a joy.

The black jacket and the dress are both from goodwill and purchased for about $7 each. The leggings and legwarmers were hand me downs. The boots were picked up from Diversity Thrift for $12. The purse (yes, you’ve seen it before, it’s quickly becoming a staple) was a mere 50 cents at the St. Catherine’s theater sale… I’m beginning to think that one will go down in the history books around here for years to come as the near-mythic thrift highlight of our considerable experience.

Copeland: Rainbow Rosie

Hat: High school theater sale
Coat: Disgruntled Mother In Law From Europe - check out the gradients - it goes from mustard to olive, awesome!
Dress: A friend's mom
Shoes: 1980s Yves Saint Laurent

Gotta run to another meeting! Vote for meeeeeeee!




At 2/12/10, 6:52 PM , Blogger George said...

Copeland, you look absolutely beautiful, and I'm a sucker for a strikingly beautiful woman in a purple dress, but Amy also looks beautiful this week, and has bounced up so far from last week's camo outfit, and like The Saints, who came up from behind to win, I'm casting my vote for "Who Dat Amy"!

At 2/12/10, 8:18 PM , Blogger Passive Solar Prefab Homes said...

George, I wholeheartedly agree- I shoulda forfeited when I saw her pics! Know that the real life incarnation was even more stunning, her outfit really did ROCK this week!

(So, on another note, are we gonna have to SLED to Pamplin?!? It's been a month of snow!!!! Miss you.)


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