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Vintage! Hat! Friiiiiiiiiiiiiiday! Yes, it returns. At least until the seeds start sprouting in the cold frames.

We are supposed to go to the net zero prefab SIPs house this weekend.
It is supposed to be TEN DEGREES tomorrow.

Please know we are not usually this talkative as we have been in the past week or two - usually I post about once a week, maybe every ten days. I can only blame my tallkin'-up-a-blue-streak on the dark, frigid winter and my anxiety over immediate heat in the prefab green home!

And to truly test your patience...
Vintage Hat Friday is back

Vintage Hat Friday helps us get through the black winter days, until seedlings begin to sprout in the cold frames and Friday's are again welcomed with garden experiments and warmth.

The holidays are over, there is snow on the ground, it will be TEN DEGREES... yet Vintage Hat Friday proves that recycled, reclaimed style can still BRING IT, adding affordable sparkle and style to our workplace.  To vote, just add a comment below telling us for whom you vote.
[And remember... Vote for ME!]

Amy: More Bogart then Bergman Perhaps…

"But really, if I had a hat as fabulous as Ingrid Bergman’s in Casablanca, I’d never take it off, and this competition would get very boring indeed.

I won’t lie, we’ve had a busy, productive winter at work. So much so that despite my best efforts to be whimsical today, I still came up all business. This was partly my own doing, and partly the result of a good friend telling me that I shouldn’t “Showboat” on the first Vintage Hat Friday of the season (he clearly didn’t know Copeland had a green mink… heck, I didn’t know Copeland had a vintage green mink!) but either way I think I could sweep a long scarf over my shoulder and board a plane in style in this ensemble.

The Hat: Yes, yes, you’ve seen it before. It was my grandfathers, and is quite, quite old and beautifully preserved, despite the fact that my brothers and I used to fight over who got to wear it as kids when we were playing ‘Indiana Jones’. I swear there are some new hats in the running this season, but there’s no shame in reusing a fabulous hat!

The Rest: The coat is a White House, Black Market brand trench I picked up at Goodwill for $12. This is the crown jewel in my thrift accomplishments of 4th quarter 2009. I was floored when I found it, and I love it to bits. The brown leather gloves: lovely gift from a friend, nice, warm, chic, and go oh-so-well with the shoes. Shoes: Another Goodwill find, $4 brown leather penny loafer styled high heels. Skirt is a black wrap style pencil skirt from Target (on clearance for $14) Shirt was on clearance at NY&Co, and the vest, well I paid full, blasted retail price for that vest. But every now and again, something warrants it. This did.

The Briefcase! I almost forgot the briefcase! This vintage lovely briefcase given to me by a friend, purportedly obtained in Germany while her family was overseas serving in the military. Fabulous in form and function, sleek and so very, very useful. I’ve been dragging it everywhere since I got it. And if I do say so myself ties the Hat, shoes, gloves, and all together rather nicely.

Happy Vintage Hat Friday and Vote for Me! Because this week it’s all business, but there are hats with bows and silver ribbon and sparkly bits in your future. Well… My future. I promise."

Copeland: Bring it, Marchesa.
[Amy's talking about business makes me realize, Dag, she's right- we've touched Colombia, Switzerland, Virginia and Texas all in one week for work, no wonder I'm exhausted! ]

"Baby, it's cold outside. But that doesn't stop me from donning my score-of-the-summer:
A vintage Guy Laroche dress purchased at a high school theater department sale! Yay vintage, yay reuse, yay spending money recycling for a good cause! The jaunty hat is from the same sale, and when I add the vintage coat my mother-in-law gave me (I would never *purchase* fur. It was a gift, and dead before I was born. These temperatures are what the durned coat was made for. But do know I'm very against fur for fashion. At least the coat is warm on a subzero day.)...  

Together, it makes me feel like The Marchesa Casati.

That is, if the Marchesa were a business lady with pink hair. Ok, maybe Marchesa Casati in her more bedraggled years, tearing through the dumpster in the early morning hours, sporting gold lame and a gown. Um......never mind.




At 1/8/10, 11:18 AM , Anonymous Nancy Heltman said...

Anyone who has the nerve to wear those shoes in snow (even if just for a picture) deserves my vote (I like the chapeau too) so I vote for Copeland

At 1/8/10, 12:27 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Due to the fancy and romantic nature of the ensamble, I vote White.

At 1/8/10, 12:29 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Vintage Hat Friday is the best thing I've ever heard! also I'm going to vote Copeland.

At 1/8/10, 1:46 PM , Blogger George said...

Amy gets my vote and Copeland gets a folded five if she promises not to spend it on booze. Don't worry Copeland, things are bound to get better, for all of us, I hope.

At 1/8/10, 2:27 PM , Blogger Unknown said...

Amy is so adorable!! The whole ensemble works very well. My vote is for her ^.^

At 1/8/10, 2:47 PM , Blogger Passive Solar Prefab Homes said...

George I'll take that folded five but I'm makin' no promises!
; )

P.s. Great news on the prefab front- we got a stove, a MOD stove, from dear friends that called, "We hear you're having stove trouble!..." Friends ALWAYS come through.
: )

At 1/8/10, 2:57 PM , Blogger George said...

Copeland, I saw the posting and that's terrific news! It looks like the perfect fit for your place. Whose kidding who about that five? I'll just keep it, hand over the bottle of Glogg, and cut out the middle man altogether.

At 1/8/10, 3:05 PM , Blogger Unknown said...

Amy has the better hat. Recognize!
Hi Amy!!! *waves*

At 1/8/10, 7:16 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I still love her grandfather's hat, even if we have seen it before. Amy gets my vote this week.

At 1/22/10, 1:24 PM , Blogger Unknown said...


Copeland wins on the hat
But I'm in love with Amy's ensemble.


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