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Vintage! Hat! Friday! Bring On The Snow!

Didja hear it's gonna snow? Didja hear it's gonna snow? Didja hear it's gonna snow? 
Now this would have been an example where, upon seeing the big snow forecast and knowing our children already don't have school on Monday, we would have grabbed our closest friends, piled into the car, gathered lots of provisions and headed for the prefab net zero energy house kit to get snowed in!!!

I haven't really shown people the land yet as we're focused on the prefab green home construction, but know it is PERFECT for sledding and skiing.  The house kit and fields sit atop the highest point; then it descends to the tobacco barn, where it climbs and winds back into the hills. It is PERFECT: you could climb then sled / ski down -or- you could have fun hiking / cross country skiing over the field and along the beautiful roads, passing nothing but old farms and woods.

To see another opportunity like this pass us by simply because we have no heat is painful...

BUT: On the prefab net zero energy passive solar house kit front... WE HAVE INTERIOR WALLS!!!!!!!!!!!

So you can imagine how much I am *dying* to head out to the land and see for myself what it feels like to have ROOMS, *real* *rooms*!  We may still have no systems, but we have WALLS! 
We can now invite friends over and give them a BEDROOM!

Interior wall pictures of the prefab house kit soon... as soon as we can get OUT there...
In the meantime... it is... VINTAGE! HAT! FRIDAAAAAAY!
(Oh yes, it is. And you thought this was going to be a construction post.)

Amy: “Bonjour, Paris!”

Last week you CLEARLY stated a preference for quiet, understated hats. I’ve heard you, masses.

As opposed to last weeks’ Italian frippery, I’ve donned a compact velvet French number I dug up for $7 in an antique store.

If I have to cover all of Europe to find something you approve of, I shall. Don’t make me do it!

As for the rest of the outfit: the jacket was $8 at Goodwill, also where I bought the Guess Jeans for $3.50. 

The double sided hound’s-tooth scarf was inherited from my grandmother, the lovely cameo brooch was a gift from friends, and the belted shirt a gift from another friend. 

The purse was 50 cents at the St. Catherine’s theater sale. 

The gloves were from Halcyon I believe? 

The boots were my personal birthday gift to moi, While they were more than I usually spend on boots, they are insulated, weatherproof, SLIP PROOF!, and my friend assures me that they put me “perilously close to looking like you’re always ready for a Foxhunt.”

I’m so Okay with that.

Vote for me; because if I lose in another landslide of scorn again this week I’m throwing darts at my hatboxes to figure out what to wear next Friday.

Copeland: Bring On The SNOW!!!!
I am ready. The vintage coat is from Finland, my FAVORITE country (The architecture! The Moomins! The Forestry Schools! The Midsummer Parties! The mosquitoes the size of a large puppy!).

The shirt? Vintage, probably purchased from Fan Thrift for a few cents... I can't remember...

The hat? FINE, I stole it from my dad a few years ago... hey, at least I'm not like my brother, heck, he stole my dad's GUNS, I just borrowed a vintage tweed hat that doesn't even fit him!

The SKI SUIT.  This was purchased from a thrift store when everyone was doing the disco theme in the '90s - I permed my stick-straight hair into an afro, teased it up, popped in some tight glittery barrettes on either side a la Shalom Harlow, and wore these ski pants to clubs.   

Oh yes I did, I have pictures, and no you can't see them.

The boots: I have had 'em for twenty years so that counts as vintage, kinda?

The ring: Purchased from random thrift stores, I collected 1960's lucite rings when I was a lil' punk rocker kid. Still wear 'em regularly.

And thaz it! Vintage Hat Friday continues... vote for meeeeee!

P.s. Later note: I was disappointed to realize that no, I didn't steal the hat. I realized that there's a reason it wouldn't fit my dad's head: the hat is actually my GRANDMOTHERS!

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At 1/29/10, 1:28 PM , Blogger George said...

I hate to sit on the fence, but you both look so great this week I don't see a clear winner. I can't even be swayed by Copeland's edge in including Khan in the pictures, or that Amy lost last week, and in the interest of equilibrium or balance, it might go to her this week. It's too close to call, I'm just going to have to wimp out, sit here, and enjoy the view.

At 1/29/10, 2:12 PM , Anonymous Dan Boise said...

The house is just amazing. wow.

At 1/29/10, 3:43 PM , Anonymous MintyFresh said...

Gotta go for Amy - I love houndstooth!

At 1/29/10, 3:50 PM , Blogger Unknown said...

One for Amy ....probably the coat that does it.....


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