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Net Zero Prefab... FINE... Carbon Neutral.

I am now convinced that the difficulty in getting a wood stove installer out to the net zero prefab is really The LEED God's way of saying he wants me to be not only to remain net zero but carbon neutral.  Well, ok, technically the wood is carbon neutral, but it still is kind of a "good" on the good / better / best rating scale...

FINE. We'll be better.

No wood stove.
(And check out the amaaaaaaaaazing cookstove we found -->)

This turn of events began when we realized the hardware store sold Handsome Husband a wood stove for a garage, not a residence. At that point I had left messages over the week with numerous chimney companies in the area, none of whom returned my phone calls. I began to realize that, in this rural area, by the time this task was completed it would probably already be spring. And that the house, even with a small wood stove, would be overheated.

But there really is something about having a wood stove...
And darned it, I don't want a fabulous party, I'm not asking for a golden goose, I just want some heat!

FYI: What you need to know about wood stoves in a SIP (structural insulated panel) house: 
  • Because prefab SIPs homes are so air tight, proper ventilation is key
  • Anything touching the SIP needs to be under 160 degrees- so if the pipe gets close to that, the SIP needs to be protected - there are many guidelines on this, I can post them if you like.

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