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Snowpocalypse! Meeting At The Net Zero Prefab Green House Cancelled Due To Snow.

Instead of meeting at the prefab modern house kit with our Fabulous Contractor as planned, we are snowed in at the mid-century modern while Snowpocalypse swirls about us.

So far, halfway through Snowpocalypse Day One, (which began at FOUR A.M. with the children simultaneously asking, "Momma, can we go outside yet? Momma, can we go outside yet?") we have performed Chicken Rescues, gone through six wet pairs of socks per child, four snowsuit changes, and one experimental snow chain drive. Handsome Husband has just saved the day by handing me a hot mug of Gluehwein. It is now 1 p.m. And heck yes, I'm gonna drink it.

So, no new pictures or videos of the prefab green home this weekend.
But it IS storms like this that make us reconsider, "Maybe having a wood stove at the prefab isn't such a bad idea after all..."

Which brings us to the next post from Handsome Husband:
The Net Zero Prefab Green Home Systems Report: Heat.

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