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Prefab Green Home Contractor Meeting Rescheduled.

I have just rescheduled the meeting (previously cancelled due to snow last week) with our contractor in the prefab green home for Saturday.

Of course, the next comment from my coworker, Amy, was, "Did you hear they're calling for more snow?"

We. Shall. See.

In the meantime, we had Gwendolyn & Damon Pearson over for dinner last night.  You may already be aware of Damon Pearson, our Princeton-trained architect, partner in the fabulous design and fabrication firm, Tektonics, and designer of our sister modern prefab site, Green Cabin Kits

We have some upcoming big news on those prefab green homes – we are now modifying them to be fabricated like the rest of our prefab house kits (modern prefab at Green Modern Kits, and prefab cottages at Green Cottage Kits) – already passive solar, and built with SIPs, the prefab cabins will now be fabricated at plants throughout the United States, not just Tektonics.  We will be publishing those new designs in January.

I am also adding new voices to Green Cabin Kits – the Pearsons.

Gwendolyn will provide a counter point to the industrial and prefab design / technical voice that Damon, as the architect, will add.  Oh, she will be off topic (and likely off color) – but leads such an interesting life as an environmental educator for a national nonprofit that I want to share her daily musings with the world.  There were *so* many tales told over the table last evening it certainly could provide fodder for months of postings!  (Ask her about the bucket of eels…)

Of course, when there was a wane in conversation, we always had the dogs to entertain us… (see below video…)

That’s all I can say for now… in the meantime, I hope you enjoy the food pics from dinners this week!

And more exciting news on all our prefab house kits coming after the New Year.


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