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Prefab casa ti: The Interior Load Bearing Wall

If it were just a few degrees colder, we'd be packing up excitedly to head to the prefab green house to then relax on the land, watching and playing in the snow fall.

Instead, it is a slow, frosty rain, so we are staying here, keeping warm, baking cookies and grateful my parents have invited us over for hot soup!

We are using this wet weekend to rest, catch up with work (I had a week of marathon conference calls), to slowly decorate the tree, and get a little more organized than our suitcase life normally allows.

As with all of you, I have been having a great conversation with one person in particular, Bart S., this week.

(The systems post is almost done, by the way, so you can see what we are doing with our own prefab green case you want to do the same thing with your own prefab house. I will also have some new septic / waste water treatment information for you soon.)

Bart had asked about when / how the interior wall of the prefab house kit was built.  There are not as many pictures of that, as Our Fabulous Contractor Ron was the only one taking pictures that week.

So, to more specifically answer Bart's question:
In constructing the prefab green home, the contractor first erected the exterior SIPs house kit walls, then built the interior wall.

You recall the end panels of the SIPs are built on an angle, and that's what gave Ron the height of the load bearing wall. Then the roof panels sit on top of the exterior SIPs, as well as on that middle wall built by the contractor.

(Sorry for the repetition of these old prefab house kit construction photos but they might help explain visually.)

Look closely at these photos and you can see how the SIP roof panels rest on the exterior wall / interior wall:

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