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Prefab Modern Net Zero House Kit: The Temperature Drops

I just love this time of year here. During the drive to the modern passive solar prefab house kit, I look at each repeated scene, field, and farm we pass, over and over through the seasons and years, and I never tire of it, never fail to be amazed again and again by each moment of beauty.

In the pinks and golds of dusk, you really understand O Purple Mountain Majesty / Above The Fields Of Grain...

Ok so maybe I mangled our national anthem a bit, but that's what I see: the brown tinge of autumn, bales of hay still in some fields, the silvery wood of old barns in the slanted winter light... and in the distance, the blue ridge mountains, and they ARE purple.

Being here now means the temperature drops to 30, so we dragged in a propane heater from the shed to help the passive solar prefab during these bitter black nights. And yet, arriving as the last light waned, we found the prefab to be a comfortable 61 before we added the heat!

Oh the stars... the winter stars, so clear and gorgeous no pictures can show you so I don't even try.
When we awoke, the soil was ice.
Inside, it was 57/58. We fired up the heater and quickly it rose to 64.

Thanks to our solar cooker, I served a hot meal to friends without having to stand over a stove.

(Check it out! Passive solar house + passive solar cookin' = I can have more fun!)

It was a good thing we packed a lot of food (we served butternut squash soup made by Handsome Husband, a casserole I made the night before, and homemade bread/butter), because Mrs. Esh had her store closed, which led to lunchtime speculation over a possible Amish wedding this weekend... : ) (November is when Amish wedding season begins.)

Living like this makes you appreciate systems so much, but I admit I savor the edge it brings, just as I remember what it was like to camp here in our 1960s teardrop camper just a year ago.

Speaking of systems, Handsome Husband will guest blog for you technical people this week on Everything You Wondered About The Systems And How The Heck They Are Fitting In The Net Zero Off Grid Prefab. As for myself, I am off to take my first shower in three days.
Yes, I want my net zero prefab systems too. : )

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