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I am playing with Posterous + Google Wave while killing time to go to my parents.

I am playing with Posterous + Google Wave while killing time to go to my parents. Here's a pic from last year's Thanksgiving there! : )

Bienvenue (yes, I named one of the Prefab Cottages after their house, in honor of them) was built in 1801 on a farm in Hanover county, then moved to Richmond in the 1920s.

Oh wow. In looking for a pic of my parent's house I just found a bunch of prefab house kit pics - it was this time LAST YEAR our mod prefab house kit arrived!!! The house kit / shell / windows & doors went up in about a week. And here it is a year later and I haven't done the interior. We're doing it in stages because we won't move there until the children finish 5th grade because they are in a special educational program.

In the meantime, we're certainly having fun camping in it!

So, for fun, here's some pictures of the prefab modern house kit from last year arriving and being constructed on the land! (More videos, etc. here in the October / November / December 2008 archives:

Amish forklift

The SIPs house kit panels are unloaded

Putting together the prefab...

Prefab house walls going up...

Prefab construction...


A storm approaches...

On the roof...

From the north...

Getting weather tight...

Interior... clerestory windows...

Windows go in...

Week 1: We have shelter!!!!

Well, there's some pictures from week 1 of our modern prefab net zero house kit! After years of camping in that 1960s (still beloved) teardrop camper, I am grateful for the shelter and energy efficiency of the prefab passive solar house.

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