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Vintage! Hat! Friiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiday!!!!!!! Rises from the dead... Halloween Edition!

Oh yes, Vintage Hat Friday is back, a special Halloween edition before the real competition begins in the dark and gloomy winter. 
But beware: We take challengers DEADLY seriously... especially on Hallows Eve.

So if your company enjoys celebrating reuse, recycling, and stylish second-use clothes in the workplace [that means you, Eric Drivdahl of Seattle's Gelotte Hommas and our prefab Green Cottage Kits!], toss your hat in the ring now to compete in the upcoming Vintage Hat Friday 2010 Edition. We will resume our Vintage Hat Friday's for the season once it is dreary and dark enough - the purpose is to add a little humor to dark winter days, and ends with the first signs of spring, once you start to think about seedlings in cold frames and new growth of the garden season ahead.

If you are new to Vintage Hat Friday, here's how to vote: Tell us whom you favor and why by adding a comment, below.  The key to this competition is to remember: you always want to vote for ME. (Me as in Copeland. Just so yer not confused.)

Amy: Guten Morgen!

It may be a day early, but we here at C3 believe you can never have too flimsy an excuse for dressing up in something vintage and fabulous. I think that may actually be one of the bylaws in our company polices. So when I saw this sweet vintage Austrian dancing dress on Etsy back in August, I knew I’d hit the jackpot for costumey-goodness this year. It’s even got a dancing couple on the zipper pull! This dress is ready to ROCK! … Or possibly Polka. Whatever the case, paired with some knee highs, a pair of vintage styled heels I snagged from Goodwill, and a button down shirt I already owned (but which also came from Goodwill), I’m ready to….

Wait. What?

This is supposed to be a Vintage Hat Friday preview? Why wasn’t I TOLD? I thought we were just dressing up…. Uh… hang on. I need to go get my hat. I… um… left it… ‘in the car.’

OK… well....… I’m making a statement about remembering to be environmentally friendly this Halloween by using green materials for my head accessory. And for you diehards who aren’t buying it: you’ve heard the expression “old as dirt?” The bush grew in the dirt. The flower is full of nutrients from the earth, and that’s really, REALLY old. So this flower is practically super-vintage.

Vote for me!

Copeland: I call this outfit, "Out, Out, Danged Spot!"
After having the flu invade last week, and preparing for Halloween and a return to the land / prefab modern house kit this weekend, the chores and catch-up have been overwhelming.  The spot on my hand symbolizes all that frustration:

I want it out, gone, removed. So....  
Out, OUT, Danged Spot. 
'Cause we have living to do.

The gown I acquired, already used and threadbare, half-a-lifetime ago, in a dingy Broad Street shop (where I also found my prior Halloween dress).

The "veil" is made of a bolt of vintage fabric found in the same time period, and the hat (oh, I have to wear a proper hat for all of you bickering critics who insist the 'hat' has to be structure, no?) found and reused from an estate sale last year.


So there you have it: Vintage Hat Friday: Halloween Edition.
We now sink slowly back into the dark mists to await the winter re-awakening of...
[Creepy ominous laugh inserted here...]




At 10/30/09, 11:01 AM , Blogger Unknown said...

Is that a live chicken?
Live chicken and hat takes it.
If it were a live chicken hat, it would reign supreme for all time.

At 10/30/09, 11:37 AM , Blogger Passive Solar Prefab Homes said...

DAG IT ALL you got a vote from a German friend!

Susanne H.
"Great pics! I vote for the german girl :-)) "

And someone tell Leslie to GET OFF THE FENCE:

Leslie K.
"totally a tossup! I don't see hats on either of you. Great costumes though."

FYI I *AM* wearing a hat. It's just underneath that huge veil.

At 10/30/09, 11:50 AM , Anonymous MaryFramer said...

I'm so happy this is back!

Sorry Amy, but my vote goes to Copeland!
Halloween eve is the purrfect day for VHF to be back and her outfit is the shizzle.

I keep thinking of "Heidi" with the other one.

Keep up the good work ladies!
And don't eat too much candy this weekend!

At 10/30/09, 12:04 PM , Blogger Erin said...

I vote for Amy!

At 10/30/09, 12:10 PM , Anonymous Eric Drivdahl said... don't just throw down a challenge like that and not have it answered! Eric Drivdahl of Gelotte Hommas Architecture and Green Cottage Kits doesn't roll over so easily.

Even though I am completely caught unaware by this...I have dug deep into the vintage photo files and have found pretty much nothing to do w/ a vintage hat. BUT...the vintage coat (1979 J.C. Penny) and the killer bear claw neckless are pure Goodwill awesomeness. And given the All Hallowed's Eve festivities this weekend, I throw my 'hat' into the ring...such as it is:

And just to show the lengths I am willing to go to...I had t log into my MYSPACE account to get these pictures! How long has that been since I last logged in??? I couldn't even remember my password at first. Seariously...

At 10/30/09, 12:12 PM , Anonymous Eric Drivdahl said...

Oh...and I was so going to vote for Amy and the hunting horn until I saw the SKULL w/ Copeland. Given the proximity to Halloween...Copeland gets my vote this round! (Remember...I always say it's about the accessories!!!)

At 10/30/09, 12:14 PM , Anonymous vabchboy said...

We shred paper around here. Does that count as "GREEN"? A vote for the girl who "chickened-out" on the hat thing.

At 10/30/09, 1:16 PM , Blogger Unknown said...

where did you get a live chicken?!

hmm...2nd place is Copeland.

1st is the chicken, but I still love

eee! I'm so glad this is back.

At 10/30/09, 1:29 PM , Blogger Kyanite Acres Farm said...

I must still have a lot of German blood in me... Amy gets my vote (the chicken thing helped...!)

Sorry Copeland...

At 10/30/09, 1:33 PM , Anonymous Michelle said...

My vote goes to Amy! Very adorable. Copeland is classy though!

At 10/30/09, 2:00 PM , Blogger LunarWhirlwind said...

Vote is for the beer wench *GET ME A DRINK DARN IT!*

At 10/30/09, 3:11 PM , Blogger Unknown said...

always had a fondness in my heart for dear, sweet Lady Macbeth...I have to vote for Copeland! Jen

At 10/30/09, 3:17 PM , Blogger Passive Solar Prefab Homes said...

The five year old just voted:
Pointed to this picture:

And said,
"I vote for Amy."
Me: "Which Amy?"
5 Year Old: "Bwaaaaack, bwaaaaack..."
(Points to Amy... Amy the CHICKEN.)

Another vote for the chicken!

At 10/30/09, 3:19 PM , Anonymous James said...

Well I know I'm gonna get in trouble for this, but I'm gonna have to vote for Copeland. You both look fantastic in the outfits, and whereas chickens might be fun, Skulls are much more festive this time of year.

That and... honestly hun, you aren't wearing a hat. :(

At 10/30/09, 3:55 PM , Blogger George said...

The dark mysterious drama of Copeland's outfit, in keeping with the Halloween spirit, wins it hands down!
But...I'd still like to sit down with Amy in her outfit, have an ice cold beer in a tall brown bottle with a porcelain and wire fliptop, and split an omelette with her.

At 10/30/09, 3:59 PM , Anonymous Nancy Heltman said...

I vote for Copeland! Macbeth was always one of my favorite plays.

At 10/30/09, 4:27 PM , Blogger Tim [ codearachnid ] said...


At 10/30/09, 9:30 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I keep thinking of Mel Brooks' "Frankenstein" when I saw the German outfit! What's the story w/the chicken? The veil gave Copeland certain mystique and "kinda sorta" reminded me of an old Dracula movie! Both are great looks and have to make it a tie! Happy to see the return of vintage Friday! peggy

At 10/30/09, 9:32 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amy made me think of Mel Brooks' "Frankenstein." Copeland had the mystique of a heroine from a Bela Lugosi Dracula movie. Where did Amy happen upon the chicken? Glad to see the return of Vintage Friday. peggy

At 10/31/09, 8:52 AM , Blogger Passive Solar Prefab Homes said...

The story of the chicken is that her name is Amy... Whom the then-4-year old named after... Amy, in the Biergarten outfit. So we thought we should take a picture of the two of 'em together.

(As Eric pointed out, above, it's all about the accessories!)

Amy-In-The-Biergarten-Outfit is both honored and horrified there is a chicken running around with her name.

: )

I, however, NEVER tire of the endless Amy-the-Chicken jokes.

"Why, lookee here, Amy laid an egg!" (Grumbles ensue from a nearby computer station...)

At 7/22/11, 10:38 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't even fully grasp how I stopped up proper here, however I thought this put up was fantastic. I do not recognize who you may be but unquestionably you might be going to a famous blogger in the event you aren't already. Cheers!

At 7/22/11, 11:18 AM , Blogger Passive Solar Prefab Homes said...

Ha, thanks, I'm still holdin' on to my day job, honeychile... ; )


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