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If you really want to plan a super fall weekend in Virginia, plan it thus:
The second weekend in October, take Friday and Saturday off to enjoy the Richmond Folk Festival.

Then hop over on Sunday to Appomattox, for the Appomattox Railroad Festival.

Both include great live music, lots of culture, people watching, endless local food, and history.

Both are free.
Both are fun for young and old.
I know this, because I did both, and had an AMAAAAAAAZING time.

But back to the prefab SIPs modern house kit:
We expect the electric quote tomorrow from the electrician. Next, we get the plumbing quote. Then, we get a loan to finish the interior and snap on systems.
Then we're done.

Because it's that easy, right?


So, a prefab modern house kit recap:
We finalize quotes, then purchase and install rainwater collection and filtration, and solar systems.

Then we move to interior, reused, recycled design.
And from there, we start our sustainable landscaping plans.  (You may recall our initial post on Topos LLC's landscape architecture plan- there will be much more on that soon!)

We will spend years on projects such as crop tree release, crafty functionality, interior design, creating a sustainable farm... and I'm certain stuff I haven't even thought of yet.

But this is what I DO know:
I may have all these other decisions to make as a prefab mod consumer, but...
The passive solar SIPs house kit ROCKS.
Again I spent a cool fall weekend without any heat, and again I was comfortable thanks to the passive solar house kit design and the fact that the house kit is comprised of energy efficient structural insulated panels.

From Prefab Weekend In The House Kit: Appomattox Railroad Fest and More!

AGAIN I felt the chill of outside, then retreated to the steady comfort of the SIPs and passive solar design.  Again I experienced an entirely gray day today, yet the temperature indoors was 70.

Do you know what it's like to wash dishes outside in the rain when it's 50 degrees?
I do.

And that is when I yearned to be inside my cozy prefab house kit.
And that is when I fixed my aim on GETTING THOSE SYSTEMS IN so I don't have to wash dishes outside in the rain in January.

Much less take a shower as so.
Oh, let me rephrase that: Now I have been taking a shower, don't you call me dirty.
But I would like to go from this:

From Prefab Weekend In The House Kit: Appomattox Railroad Fest and More!

To...a shower.
A real shower.
A hot shower.
In January.
Please! : )

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