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Energy Audit Of Our Leaky Mid-Century Modern House: Why I Love My Prefab Energy Efficient House Kits.

Sometimes pictures speak louder than words.
Guy Du Bois, of No Energy Loss, braved the data and proof that although beautiful, and a frickin' Cool Mod Pad, our mid-century modern house has NOTHING on our energy efficient, passive solar house kits.

This all came about after we returned from another cool, fall weekend in our prefab house kit, which, you may have noted, STILL has no systems.  No heating, no plumbing, no electricity. Yet.

We have a blast "camping" in our prefab modern house. But enough already, give me off grid systems, please sir... now.

However, after returning from the lovely weekend, we entered our current mid-century modern house and...
just could not get over the fact that in our prefab house, despite no systems, we were comfortable, even cozy.  And now here I was, walking around my 1950's house, chilled and indignant that the temperature was about the same as in the prefab house... except that I was paying hundreds of dollars a month to match the net zero, off grid, NO SYSTEMS YET prefab!

That is when I heard Mr. Du Bois was providing energy audits, and we eagerly asked him to see how horribly inefficient our mid-century modern house is.
Because I need that pain.
It will 1. prove I am correct, the mid-century house IS soooooooooooooo much more inefficient than the prefab house kit made with SIP (structural insulated panels), and 2. motivate us to do something about it... now.

Hope you are all enjoyin' feeling my pain!
(Sorry the bedrooms are such a mess, everything here is in boxes and suitcases. Once we install systems in our prefab I can move most of that stuff to the prefab house kit and things will be much more tidy. I hope.)

If you are in or near Richmond, Virginia looking for an energy audit, check out Guy Du Bois's No Energy Loss!

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At 6/12/12, 1:19 PM , Anonymous Marathon Energy said...

It is amazing that you were so comfortable in a house that didn't even have the systems hooked up yet! We pay hundreds of dollars to feel equally comfortable and you were just "camping!" It makes me think about all of the things I could be doing with the money saved on utilities.


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