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Net Zero Passive Solar Prefab House Kit Update

I wish I could talk more... but I can't. I am on serious deadlines this week. Instead, I share more photos of the net zero prefab house kit, and some small, treasured moments from the weekend:

(Make sure to read the comments on the prefab photo slide show, that's where I posted more information. )

...Looking at lizards sunning themselves on the prefab:
Ron, Fabulous Best Contractor Ever:
"Oh, those are The Average Lizards. All the good ones now work for Geico."

Being invited to a church pot-luck in a community of 199, in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by bicentennial farms, and, in the midst of the service, they focused on Heifer International, a VERY worthwhile organization (read their history and mission), their work not only with nations abroad but this sermon focused on...
URBAN COMMUNITY GARDENING AND SUSTAINABILITY (those of you that know me in real life will start laughing) and, in the midst of a 101 year old church in the middle o' nowhere, the video playing, WHO SHOULD POP UP but Erika's DAD, Urban Empowerment And Sustainability Expert Extraordinaire, Will Allen of Growing Power, in their fantastic video! That was pretty amazing. But then again, they're all amazing people.

It underscores how connected and understanding of the bigger picture the people in smaller, tightly-knit communities are... but then again, don't we all form our own communities and towns where ever we are, even on the 'net?

And, Dear Reader, Amuse Yourself With My Excerpt From A Letter to Our Fab Prefab Open House Visitors: : )
(Pssst: please let me know if you want to come visit the net zero prefab modern house Sept. 26th, just email c-o-p-e-l-a-n-d (remove the hyphens) (then add an at- @)


"Hello, Prefab Passive House Kit Visitors!!!!

We are so excited to have you visit on September 26th!!!!!

David Day, the casa ti prefab green building architect, will be on site Saturday, September 26th from 1-3, as well as The Most Fabulous Contractor Ever, Ron Bernaldo, to answer your questions. There will also be a green sustainable landscape architect, and hopefully some systems and factory representatives present to give you more information if you like.

As you know, we have some great events going on that weekend – a bicycle ride, a winery and farm open (on Sunday, if you stay in nearby accommodations), and more – you can learn more about the area (including accommodation information) and what is going on here:

Now, to remind you, a few house keeping items:

1. Please remember the interior of the house is still under construction. Interior framing is complete, so you can envision the space of the rooms, but we currently have no interior walls or systems in place.

2. This also means our bathroom is not complete.
We currently use a shovel. So make sure to stop at Farmville or a nearby town before journeying that last leg! (I will try to find a porta-potty to rent, but please do remember this is rural Virginia… I don’t know if I can even rent one!) (Later Note: I was able to rent one! Do not fear the shovel.)

3. We have children and dogs. Please tell me if they make you nervous and I will chain them all to a tree.

4. Because I have young children and dogs, no matter how many times I sweep and mop the interior I guarantee there will be muddy paws and footprints and hair for you to notice. Please tell me this bothers you so I can have an excuse to chain ‘em to a tree for even longer.

5. This is real nature. So please take all food items and trash with you so that the bears, bobcats and coyotes don’t eat us.

6. Speaking of… we also have copperheads (do not run through brush! Watch and scan where you walk!), black widows (don’t grab armfuls of wood without looking carefully!), an ancient barn that will fall on your head and most certainly kill you if you get near it, poison ivy (look for “Leaves of three! Let them be!”)… Did I miss anything? Hmmm… I’m sure something out there has rabies and will certainly jump you with my luck. Are you sure you still want to come?

7. Oh yes, The Big Buck. If you see him give yerself a high-five because that is like spying a unicorn in the mist.

8. Please keep a close eye on your children! For all the reasons aforementioned, (did I mention we have coyotes the size o’ shepherds?) as well as the many pointy, dangerous objects I haven’t yet thought to even think about yet.

9. By clicking on the link below to get instructions to the land you understand that this is real nature and will not hold me liable for your poison ivy, etc.

10. Oh, an astute reader just pointed out I forgot to mention you can also fall down a groundhog hole running in the field and break your leg (Thanks! Guess the Visitor Tag-Football Game is off!).

11. I will have some snacks and punch but will be cooking nibbles without a stove… NEXT YEAR I will impress you with my deft culinary skills."
(And yet they're still coming? A lot of them? Someone had better bring a guitar...! Hint hint...)

: )

I am very much looking forward to meeting the nice people who are traveling near and far to visit us.

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Hey - I am definitely happy to discover this. Good job!


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