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Modern Prefab House Kit: Preparing For The Prefab Open House

Sharp eyes might have noticed the top south cladding panel on the modern prefab house kit was a bit... muddy. As the last panel in the stack of cladding, it had been a victim to the rain and gathered mud before the Amish installed it. Normally this would be a simple annoyance, but when you're a net zero off grid passive solar house with the systems not yet in place... well, it's not like you can just pull out a hose and wash the prefab house off, is it?

I, already overwhelmed with work... avoided the issue over the summer.

But the Prefab House Kit Open House loomed...
we found an *excellent* solution!

There are sprayers you can buy that pump - ironically, for this eco house, the sprayers are intended to spray pesticides. (Oh, the irony!)

But for us?

Cleansing water swept the dirt away,
and the prefab house kit is shiny again!

Prefab House Kit: Finally washed the mud off the modern house kit! from Copeland Casati on Vimeo.
The weekend in the prefab was full of such serendipity:
The tractor had a flat; oh the stress of "how-much-we-had-to-do"... It was imperative to get the wheel to the closest tractor repair shop, fifteen minutes away, in historic Appomattox before noon. We piled into the car... and ended up whiling away hours there.

We strolled the streets, taking in the old homes, storefronts, and history. We leisurely ate at Granny Bee's (now don't you evah be in a hurry at Granny Bee's... and make sure you get the stewed tomatoes & spoonbread with your meal!). The 6yr old got a hair cut. And I found a new favorite thrift store.

You may have noticed I'm not only an enthusiast of cutting-edge modern design (,, but a huge fan and avid preservationist of old architecture. (AND love old cottage architecture redesigned for the next 200 years:

Here are some pictures from Appomattox- and yes, I will get a better picture of that log cabin next time...we were driving quite fast to make it to the Tractor Store in time before it closed... I highly recommend taking the time to visit Appomattox if you are here next weekend for the Prefab House Kit Open House. You could start your day there, walk around, shop, eat lunch, then head over, or, if you stay the weekend, visit the next day. Here is what one bed & breakfast recommends, and also check out Tour Appomattox for events.

We then raced back to Richmond the next morning to support good friends and research for juvenile diabetes by participating in the annual Juvenile Diabetes Research Walk.
What a weekend.
I wouldn't have traded it for the world.

And yes, the Passive Solar Prefab Open House IS next weekend.

Wish me luck... with muddy children, dogs, and Handsome Husband undoing my every broom sweep and cleaning... it will be heartfelt but certainly not over planned. This is more to see the structural insulated panels (SIPs) in the prefab house kit before we finish it in affordable style.

We will have prefab green building architects from Green Modern Kits and Green Cabin Kits present. Unfortunately, despite their enthusiasm for biking, our prefab cottage architects involved with Green Cottage Kits are unable to attend- as they are in Seattle!

I am looking forward to welcoming our prefab enthusiasts, neighbors and family friends to our special community here in historic, rural Virginia.

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