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Prefab Modern House: Walking Around Systems And Closets

Earlier this week I posted on the modern prefab house kit's list of systems. Here is a video where Handsome Husband walks through the prefab zero energy house and gives you a sense of its space, especially in regard to closets and systems areas.

Prefab House Kit- Explaining Closet and Off Grid Systems Spaces from Copeland Casati on Vimeo.

I have noticed Handsome Husband has more detailed insight into the "hows" and "whys" of the systems and space. I also noticed he envisions several things I did not know about- like the bookcase / closet in our east bedroom? Wow, that was a surprise, especially as I have already collected two cool mid-century bookcases to use in the house...

By the way- we have a new label for our blog category list, design fight, in case you would like to follow it.
; )

We are currently getting the quotes to install the systems... and then apply for the bank loan to finish the remainder.

For those of you that want to tour our modern prefab house kit just to see how the structural insulated panels and passive solar works, there will be an Open House in central Virginia for an off grid zero energy prefab passive solar casa ti from Green Modern Kits the weekend of September 26th / 27th.

More on this later, I am still organizing it, but if you are interested in touring this prefab off grid zero energy modern house kit, there is also a wonderful bike tour going on: Bike Heartland. Bike Heartland is a fun bike tour that goes all weekend long through a gorgeous, historic area of Virginia. Make sure you contact Nancy Carwile on that site to let her know you're coming / register so she can prepare for you.

I am also working with some local farms to have other activities like tours of natural, community supported farms, and a winery that will be open for you to enjoy, and more, so pack your tent or secure lodging and come on down!

Gene and Evelyn McCluney own Springfield Creek Wine Cellar, and know people will be stopping by, (they are open that Sunday, not Saturday, as they will be at a wine festival that day) but if you're a largish group you might want to give them a call:

Our hours of operation are from 1:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. Groups by appointment.

To find us take Route 460 to Pamplin City. Take Rt. 47 South (Thomas Jefferson Highway) approximately 2.5 miles and turn left onto Rt. 663 (Baker Mountain Road). The winery entrance is one half mile on the left. Tasting Room is located in the back. We can be reached at (434) 248-6981. E-mail

For accommodations, see here (camping at the Heartland Bike Tour), here (Charlotte Courthouse bed & breakfasts), here (Appomattox bed and breakfasts), and here (Farmville lodging); and also be sure to visit Miss Emily's, where Necia and her husband will show you great English hospitality.

To attend, you will need to send me your 1. name and 2. email so I can send you directions and the program schedule as it shapes up. If this interests you, shoot me an email here: copeland [at]

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