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Itchin' for Prefab Off Grid House Kit Completion!

Hope y'all are having a great weekend and had a great Fourth of July!

This is the latest in the prefab house kit journey I thought would have been over with and completed last year. But as we are taking a frugal "pay as you go" / incremental approach, it just takes longer to achieve. This goes against my "Point A" to "Point B" nature. ("Are we done with this already?") But it has also taught me some valuable lessons, and this whole experience has made my life better.

Ron is framing the interior walls, I will ask him to send some pictures if he has time... and our next steps for the prefab house kit will be to get final estimates from the electrician and plumber for off grid systems installation.

I want to talk about something I have been chewing on over these weeks: With every change of direction and pause, our course might change, but it frees us to new experiences.

I was thinking about that over last weekend, which we spent on the Bay.

Two stories:
  • Story 1:
    This spring we eagerly awaited the annual return of The Amish Childrens' Stand (their stand is open from March - November).
    For over four years, our ritual has been to, after traveling for an hour and almost at the land, stop, purchase our cookies, bread, and relishes, then unload- and remain- on the land.

    Finally, after several checks to see if they had opened yet for the season, we drove past and saw the stand, open! But as our car slowed, we realized it was not the Amish family but another farmer selling flowers and not the food we love.

    Where to find the Amish children?
    We were told they now operate their stand off of their homestead.

    Prefab House KitTheir homestead is the same distance from our land as the original location; but now, instead of stopping off the interstate, visiting the stand, then ending up (and remaining) on the land, we now have a new course:

    Unload on the land, unpack into the prefab house kit, run about, then head down a beautiful country road below our property to their homestead; a direction we would not travel unless to go a further distance to Charlotte Courthouse, which we now can explore and enjoy as part of our weekend perimeter... enhancing our interaction with the community and area.

    All those years camping in the 1960s Scotty camper, stopping at the Amish stand, then tumbling onto the land and remaining there? We were so happy! But insulated.

    Story 2:
  • After a lifetime of driving from Richmond to my parent's house on the Bay, dropping our suitcase, and heading for the water, we were suddenly compelled to search for our own, rowdier pool. I mean, if you were my aunt, would YOU want a bunch o' chilluns running loose willy-nilly all the time? We decided to seek more chaotic waters... and give her a break from our dishevelment.

    I asked friends involved with a local boatyard if maybe, just maybe, they might create a "family pool membership" for those who didn't need a boat slip but just wanted to use the pool that were already customers.
    They did.
    And it opened a whole new world for us.

    We are now part of the boatyard community, where you see the same families often but also meet new people passing through from all over the world. We now drive through the town, which means again that we are integrating ourselves more instead of, like on the land prior, insulating ourselves.

    And we're having a heck of a lot of fun: at the boatyard pool, by using shared community space (very smart growth, no? : ) ) you can strike up friendships and conversations over all sorts of stuff - last weekend I was swinging my legs in the pool with another woman, our children splashing us, while discussing the cemetery industry! (And yes we discussed green burials.)

    When we have dinner at the boatyard, strangers and old friends come together, each with their own dish, to create a FEAST, and a special evening full of interesting, kind people and fun.
These are just two ways my intended, efficient path has diverged this year, making my life richer. How about you?

Next up:
Pictures of interior framing of the house kit, zero energy systems installation, and landscape architecture!!!

Yes, I got the landscape architecture plan this week and am SO excited to start talking about it soon... all I can tell you now is that it involves blueberries... and a berm. : )

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At 7/11/09, 12:03 PM , Anonymous Leslie Kingery said...

I like this post very much. My also intended plans have diverged this year & are starting to blossom into something great. It's more about dealing with the rough economy & changing directions.

But as a child who grew up on a farm down a 2 mile dirt road, I always loved the beauty of the land & yet, couldn't wait to get the lake on weekends or go to the pool where I engaged, chatted & hung with people. Since then, I love that our farm is there to enjoy respites from the city, but I have become more of a townie (as we called them growing up) & doubt if I could ever live full time in the country again. I just enjoy people so much. Great post & great idea to approach the boatyard about opening up the pool!

At 7/11/09, 2:14 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

That first pic. is so cute! Also I thought you were doing air gun (instead of air guitar) in the other picture before I read that you were flying a kite. hehe


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