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We're Baaaaaaaaaack... Now Off To Visit The Prefab House Kit.

Told ya I'd be quiet. The past two weeks were incredibly busy- our eldest braved his first sailing camp (and did great, as a proper pirate should), there was a huge family reunion at the Bay, my work deadlines have been overwhelming, as well as volunteer things like Green Drinks that I enjoy but takes time to plan/organize.

Instead of telling you all about it, I'll just throw in some pictures, below, and move on:

We go to the house kit today, so I will take plenty more pictures.
Bad news: Our framing got behind a kitchen renovation project our contractor is doing.
Bad news: He planned to start interior framing today, which is when I am heading out with chilluns, dawgs, and a plethora of chaos, so will have to postpone starting framing to next week. I couldn't change my dates there as there is a tv station that wants to see the house kit tomorrow.

Good news: Systems plans are done. That means we can get quotes from the electrician and plumber to install them. Systems information will be posted next week.

Soooooo... Here's some pictures from Richmond's Green Drinks:

And from the Bay, where our next generation takes the helm to become a sailor:

And then last weekend: Another round of sailing camp, but also check out my aunt's passive solar house with concrete thermal mass, roll up garage doors, and upstairs, recycled particle board for the finished flooring! What a cool aunt! : )

So you see, it has been a busy June.

But I am now ready to finish this frickin' prefab zero energy house kit!
Next posts will muse on more (in great detail- Handsome Hubby will guest blog here) about the off grid systems and then start talking about reuse and recycling in interior design, and we have some fabulous landscape architecture coming your way.

In the meantime I will be taking more pictures and video of the prefab house kit today / tomorrow so you can see how it holds up on hot summer days.




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