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Kid Scouts Update

Just because I haven't been *writing* about Kid Scouts doesn't mean we haven't been doing it!

We made up Kid Scouts as a fun way to create "badges" (interesting, historic fun stuff to do with friends and their children of varying ages, gender, faiths) to casually achieve when we're together.

The way it works is this:

We say to friends,
"Hey want to go to the land this weekend?" (or do XYZ...)
"Great! What badge do ya want to do?"
"Um... how about let's learn more trees?"
"Ok! Tree Badge there ya go!"

Sometimes we do a badge, often we forget... : )
Many weekends it is only at the end of the day when we realize,
"Hey, that was cool, let's call it a badge! How To Help Turtles Cross The Road Badge!"

So for those that follow it, here's our update on Kid Scouts, which we started in October:

First, we made a Badge Book out of a cool old "scrap book" I found at a yard sale.

Finally, I found a good, fun use for some of these old albums I bought in thrift stores/ yard sales!

Badge #1: Tree Identification
We had a blast (and are working on this, ongoing) with friends collecting and learning about leaves and trees.

You can never learn enough, and I love to strengthen the identification as the seasons change:

"What does red bud look like in winter?

"Can you tell the difference between a sycamore and a birch? How about the leaves of a hickory vs. a chestnut?"

Badge #2: Fire
Building a camp fire, putting it out safely.

Stop, drop & roll.

Exit strategy in your home.

And, of course...

: )

Badge #3: The First Thanksgiving
We headed over to Berkley Plantation on December 4th to learn about the first Thanksgiving, history, the Landing of The Goode Shippe "Margaret", met Captain John Smith ; ) and some *real* Indians who discussed local Indian architecture with me!

Badge #4: Volunteering
In April we were busy cleaning the James River for Richmond's Green Drinks & The James River Association.

We also ran a 5k for ASK, which helps children with cancer. Our good playground friend, Paul, has been battling cancer all year and we all came together for him...

You should have seen Paul's smile when he saw all the children and adults there for him! This year's event raised over $90,000 to help make life better for Richmond children with cancer!

Badge #5: Riding
In May we called our friends the Bernaldo's to see what they were doing that day...
"Oh, I'm babysitting a friend's 6 year old so I thought I'd borrow a pony to entertain her, come on over!"
Yes, in the country you just "borrow a friend's pony" from another farm, LOL.

I thought we'd just pet the pony, maybe teach 'em how to feed a pony an apple correctly... Instead, my friend Judy (who is an incredible equestrian) put 'em all in her ring and gave them their first riding lesson. Within minutes they were trotting.

It was amazing, and I will forever remember Judy's kindness and what a gift she gave us all.

Badge #6: Swimming
No pics up yet, we are working really hard on swimming skills because sailing season is here... it brings back memories of my granddad's Camp Manakin where not only did we learn to swim, but had to tread water for five minutes, then learn "survival swimming" - blowing up your clothes into floats! Um, we're not there yet...

We are having a lot of fun creating memories with our family and friends while learning casually as we think of things to do!

Upcoming badges:
  • sailing
  • stars
  • archery
  • and always, history
  • ...while working on all the other badges more- that's the fun thing, you can just keep learning about that subject or skill!
Do you have any ideas for badges? I'd love to hear them!




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