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Modern Design ICFF 2009 Part 1: Finnish Design, Chris Ruck, Gaia & Gino and fun.

I am in New York Ciiiiitay for the annual New York Design Week and ICFF (International Contemporary Furniture Fair). These past weeks have been hectic, but ICFF is even more so: a building full of great modern furniture design, and each year it becomes more and more environmentally friendly. You can see what I ran across last year, here.

And after trudging through miles and miles of fab furniture, no matter how tired, there are also... THE PARTIES. ; )

But first I headed over to Brooklyn to see my fabulous culinary cousin, Claiborne, and her family. They live in A BARN in Cobble Hill, and I am looking forward to spending some time getting to better know Brooklyn. Their house has an open floor on the first story, bedrooms together upstairs, and an apartment (where I'm staying) downstairs.

Check out their windows! This is where they used to haul up the hay, and you can clearly see on that wall beneath that it opened for the carriages, and apparently where I'm sleeping they used to store... bananas. Talk about an elegant reuse of existing space!

Then I was off to the Meatpacking district to see V. at her restaurant, threaded through the Finnish design installations (in shipping containers!) to The Standard, where her sister Bona joined us...

We meandered over to a party for Chris Ruck of Ruckercorp at their happy loft in the lower east side, on Baxter Street. Chris takes scraps and creates modern, clean (but *sturdy*) furniture out of the would-be-waste-wood! (Say that fast three times, I dare ya.)

His girlfriend was wonderful- it was a cozy party of kind people, I wish I had met Chris but he was on the rooftop. We headed that way but stopped at the ladder... I guess this is where I mention my fear of heights?

Off we went to Gaia & Gino in the East Village.
I loved the fireflies...

I loved the basset hounds...

I loved the bowls made of nuts and fruits...

And we walked...

...and stopped by Momofuku for delicious pork buns (check out how they not only list the menu but the farms from which the food was purchased), then breezed through Freeman's before settling down on Ludlow for Mexican.

And I am about to walk it all off (hopefully) aaaaaaaaat.... ICFF! Onward!

(See tons more pictures here- I will add lots of comments later but am running off to ICFF now, already 2 hours late...)




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