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ICFF 2009

Running out the door so I am throwing in my twitter stream (read from the bottom up) and slideshow of yesterday's ICFF- comments are on the slideshow pictures.

Rt @leadwithpurpose @greenmodernkits how bout plastic water bottles have u seen this ppt? from web

Off to the farmer's market with Claiborne, then more coffee, then more #icff... from web

Ouf. Were we *really* out until THREE? #icff from web

You have never eaten until you eat @ macelleria. from TwitterBerry

@mediajorge @ dwr 142 wooster from TwitterBerry

Am @ bludot w/Cass & claiborne waiting on V- check out cassie - ; ) from TwitterBerry

Today's takes, now off to parties. #icff from web

@claibornem headed your way it's taking forever b/c everything is running as local this wkend. Ergh! from TwitterBerry

Forgot beretta in purse. Nypd randomly searching bags @ penn station. Hm knife laws in nyc, anyone? from TwitterBerry

Hissing @ the vinyl people, heading back to brooklyn. Where is Akemi? Hmmmmm from TwitterBerry

Rt @Lizzykewl @greenmodernkits somehow companies need to be convinced it's in their best interest to package things differently, esp. food from TwitterBerry

Poor @rvamedia. Last week a chickun was named in her honor, & now I am bringing her a pic of a dead rabbit perched on furniture at #icff. from TwitterBerry

Love greenplay's grouploop - not whimisical but SO... Happy sturdy imaginative. #icff from TwitterBerry

Jigsaw puzzles pinned up as wallpaper. Dusting horror. from TwitterBerry

I hate felt. But anne kyyro quinn's work is BEAUTIFUL!!! #icff love it! from TwitterBerry

Vinyl weave company naming products w\"grass" / "bamboo" in names... I asked if it was sustainable: "YES some have used it for 4 yrs!" from TwitterBerry

@mediajorge I obviously don't know how to answer this phone. I'm walking towards bludot. from TwitterBerry

I have entered the aisle of gimmick. And whoo-eee boy is there... Flash. Mirror stuff. Running away! from TwitterBerry

Pratt & md institute college of art: A + on reuse, sustainable ideas. #icff from TwitterBerry

Struck by how many people are still using plastic. #icff from TwitterBerry




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