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Passive Solar Modern House Kit Update- A Warm Virgnia Weekend Full Of Fun!

We had a great day on the land.
Our friends Steve and Chris Ault of The Ault's Family Farm stopped by to tour the passive solar modern house... I was so glad to finally have them over now that there's more than a picnic bench to see!

Steve and Chris's sustainable natural farm is well known in the region. They participate in the Goochland farmers market as well as Edible Garden's local food cooperative and do a lot of volunteer work to make sure these markets succeed. As their web site states:

"Our family farm is located in the heart of Virginia. We practice sustainable agriculture, promoting the improvement of the whole environment. By managing our livestock and poultry to graze pastures efficiently, we improve the health of the soil. By using good conservation practices with the water resources on the farm, we avoid contaminating ponds and streams with manure.
It has been a great experience to sell directly to our customers and to have the opportunity to meet people who are as concerned about where their food comes from as we are and who appreciate the hard work and dedication it takes to produce clean, healthy food."
After a day running around, tracing creeks through the woods, wrangling dogs and chilluns, as well as a visit from another friend, George Geier, I am frankly weary to type.
So please be patient- let the video load, and I'll explain more where we are.

The hard part for myself is seeing the house there, gorgeous, happy, mod... while we wait for the refinancing. (Did I mention we're "Sixty-applications-behind-when-I-can-even-give-you-a-time-frame" status, according to our local bank?)
*However* we would be crazy NOT to refinance- the rates have dropped so!

I just want to move in.
I want to haul my recycled cool finds that I've thriftily gathered over the years out there and decorate.
I want to have a party.

(No, chile, your dog will NOT
carry you back up the hill...)

As much as I emphasize frugality, and not extending yourself fiscally, there IS a part of me that looks at this amazing modern house and goes, "Drat! I don't care! I'm moving in NOW even if there ARE no walls!" ; )

On another note, during the car ride today it became clear that our children do not remember a time *without* this land. So while I'm still getting over losing a beloved was-part-of-me-before-I-was-born family farm and then just purchasing "land," it is amazing how within a generation, within a quick span of years, the next stewards identify and feel like this strange-to-me land is a part of their being.

Even after this phase is over, there are years of work to do:
  • Trails along the perimeter for fun (bikes!) as well as to better post the property during hunting season
  • Fixing the breached pond
  • Improving the soil through cover crops
  • Reusing the wood from the old tobacco barn for a better purpose
  • And more (sigh)... lots more...
  • Including totally restoring my CUUUUUUTE CAMPER!!!!
  • And...have more parties with all our friends camping and feasting. : )

Here's some more pics! It was such a gorgeous day...
(Some of these were taken by our friend George Geier, they would be the ones where they camera is in focus... ; ) )




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