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Modern House Kit Update!

Doggone it, Vintage Hat Friday has gone to the DOGS! ; )
Our ENTIRE OFFICE has strep and we're all Quarantined!
Good news?
It's supposed to be in the 60s this weekend, a beautiful opportunity to take more house kit pictures and video!
Bad news?
Oh... that little Quarantine thing...
We should be ok, the quarantine is in effect for 48 hours but who's gonna see us on the land?
However, *I* am the only one who hasn't gotten it, so... you know what THAT means- tomorrow I'll come down with it!
(Knocking fervently on any available piece of wood...)

I would like to tell you why I've been so silent about progress lately...
Remember the Cladding Rant? (Where I railed against manufacturers who didn't get that they could have a business opportunity to offer YOU a 'cladding package' outside of our energy efficient house kits, just like I tell you good rainwater collection / filtration, solar energy and non-electric appliance vendors.)

Afterwards, it was determined they were missing a piece around the north clerestory window area. Well, that final piece doesn't arrive until next Friday. So everything is buttoned up, but the final shiny finishes won't be worked on until the cladding arrives.

But what about the interior? ; )

We will probably be stalled a bit on the interior because...
Well, we're refinancing.

With these interest rates, we'd be *CRAZY* to *not* refinance.
We stand to *easily* lose at *least* 2 points!
But the paperwork will certainly take awhile as everyone else in the nation in our position is having the exact same thought.

In fact, I called to follow up on our application this week and the representative told me our paperwork was 60 applicants behind her current case and that she could not give me a time frame for when it could expect to be worked on.

Am I upset?
I am so happy to be doing this in affordable, frugal stages versus throwing caution to the wind: Don't forget, my mission IS affordable, passive solar energy-efficient housing!

The passive solar house kit itself turned out seamlessly, easily.
That's the important part.

So, once the refinancing happens, we finish the interior walls, and hook up most systems.
Depending on where we are at that point will determine if we purchase rainwater collection / filtration this year, or wait.
The rest? It's all our own, and we will work on it for the rest of our lives, just like the farm and pond we will slowly create.

I am excited to tell you that through my thrifty eye we have easily most of the interior on (at least) its second use. I will have a lot of fun showing the world how stylish that can be. : )

In the meantime... Pacha (hairless dog) and Khan (junkyard dog) are...
BEGGING (ha) for a vote!

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At 2/6/09, 10:45 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's a toughie... Pacha wears it better, but I love Khan's style. I'm going to go with Pacha, for being a willing and fab model :)

I'm off to drink more hot tea and finish some more client maintenance. See you Monday!

At 2/6/09, 12:23 PM , Blogger George said...

I hope all of you feel better soon. Both dogs look pretty good, when they were cooperating, but I'll throw my vote to Kahn in the interest of balance. Besides, I seem to remember Kahn paying more attention to me when we met.


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