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Why I Use Twitter

Hi y'all!
As someone whose workday involves lots of jobs, research, and responsibility, I wanted to take a moment to explain why I use twitter.

If you haven't been to and you own a business or love receiving the latest news in a field that interests you, you should consider joining. (You can find me at

I find it valuable to to listen to other voices in the green building / sustainable industry, I love reading the articles people recommend, but more than anything, and I will *warn* you:
I use twitter to step away from alllllllllll the seriousness and have a giggle.
(Read that as: I talk a LOT!)

Because sometimes, if I didn't giggle, I might just blow a gasket!
And I don't want that. : )

If you'd like a list of green people on twitter to follow, head over to Jetson Green's list of green "Must Follow Twitter Feeds" here (I'm on there!).

**Also please note: if you @ me I *always* respond, and would love to talk!
Even if I don't follow you I love to go through your profiles and read what you're saying. : )




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